Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    Cons swollen belly and cellulite the first step is put in order the intestine e extinguish inflammations. Respect for one month the 10 rules below, suggested by the doctor Serafina Petrocca, specialist in food science in Turin. Combine the detoxifying tips with our summer diet that allows you to lose a pound a week. Of course, it is also important to cook in a healthy way, as the expert explains, even during the maintenance period and, in general, always. 

    Basically, it comes down to give up meat and cheese preferring as protein sources fish, eggs and legumes. Furthermore, to "clean" the belly, the are excellent cooked fruit snacks. And as a drink it points up water and herbal teas.

    Even if you seemingly have no constipation or colitis issues, fine-tuning your gut is a smart move for promote healthy weight loss. An unbalanced intestinal flora (dysbiosis), in fact, can contribute to weight gain, as it negatively affects thefood absorption.

    “In addition, eliminating waste from the intestine, in addition to reduce swelling and waist circumference, has a beneficial effect on blood and lymphatic circulation, with rapid and visible results on water retention and orange peel»Assures the specialist.

    And the advantages do not end there: «At least 80% of the serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter, it is processed in the belly which, if healthy, produces it at full speed ».

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    1. Coffee? Barley only

    Eliminate the coffee, irritating to the intestinal walls. «Many people drink a lot of coffee also for counteract the desire for sweets, but it is counterproductive ”, reveals the specialist. «Coffee stimulates the adrenaline production, which releases sugar reserves, with a glycemic peak and subsequent hypoglycemic crisis. The craving for sweets rises, he dabs again with the coffee and the walls of the intestine are always irritated ». Barley coffee is better, which prevents constipation and relaxes the intestines.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    2. Cheeses only if seasoned

    For this month give up milk and dairy products, because lactose and some of their amino acids can irritate the colon. Yes, however, to aged cheeses (parmesan, pecorino, parmesan), lactose-free, to be used grated at lunch and dinner for flavor your first courses and your soups.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    3. Better small leaves

    Avoid during this bowel detox regimen large raw lettuce salads: large leafy vegetables, too rich in long fibers, can create tension and annoying intestinal gas. You will reintroduce them little by little in the following month: in the meantime, prefer small leafy vegetables, such as songino and belga, which ferment less.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    4. Mallow herbal tea

    There's a precious flower for your belly: mallow. If you drink it in the form of herbal tea, its mucilages go to lining the intestinal mucous membranes of a viscous layer that protects them from irritation and inflammation. Prepare it by leaving it to infuse for 5 minutes, in a cup of boiling water, 2 teaspoons of dried mallow; filter and drink hot in the evening after dinner. It will also help you to increase fluid intake to make the stool soft and, therefore, facilitate its evacuation.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    5. Cereals with the germ

    Choose whole grains and wholemeal pasta (type 2 flour), which preserve the germ rich in vitamin B, very important for the intestine. "If the brown rice has too long cooking times for you, prepare it on Sundays in sufficient quantities for make the basis of 2-3 dishes during the week », advises the doctor. Yes also a kamut, spelled and buckwheat.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    6. Poco fibrosis greenery

    Eat low-fibrous vegetables at each meal, preferably cooked, like carrots, courgettes, squash, onions, leeks, artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes. Our intestines like them a lot because they contain sugars such as inulin, the favorite food of the good bacterial flora, which gradually grows stronger. After 2 weeks you will be able to introduce spinach and beets, very fibrous, which when there is a shortage of "good" bacteria create annoying gases.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    7. Fish yes, steak no

    For the detox period, give up on meat and go green light instead to fish, easy to digest and rich in Omega 3: according to research by King's College London in London published in Scientific Reports, these beneficial fats increase the variety of the microbiome and specific bacteria attached to a lower degree of oxidative stress and intestinal inflammation. As an alternative to fish you can bet on eggs and legumes.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    8. Apple cider vinegar

    To dress your vegetables, prefer apple cider vinegar, which can be a great help for rebalance the intestine. In fact, it contains acetobacter, a friendly microorganism of the intestinal bacterial flora which counteracts "bad" bacteria involved in the processes of fermentation and putrefaction.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    9. Legumes gradually

    Focus on legumes, but to get used to the intestines, start with red lentils, broad beans and peeled chickpeas, then move on to lentils with skin, then to azuki beans. «You can also cook in advance and then store in the ice containers in the freezer, then using the cubes as needed»Suggests the nutritionist.

    Summer 2021 program: 10 super effective detox tips

    10. Seizure plates

    Introduce dishes like the rice with pumpkin or pasta with artichokes, which give a great sense of satiety, avoiding sudden cravings for sweets and sweets, the worst foods for the intestinal bacterial flora. If you eat out, bring your lunch from home, or to the canteen choose wholemeal pasta and season it with cooked peas or carrots.

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