Top view even after 50: focus on green tea and cocoa

    Top view even after 50: focus on green tea and cocoa

    Vision also gets worse over time. "It is damage related to oxidative stress, therefore toaging of the cells of the eye, first of all in the retina and optic nerve, which can then lead to cataracts and the most serious glaucoma », explains nutrition biologist Paola Anselmi.

    «For the over 50s, prevention is based on regulars visits to the ophthalmologist, But also on some foods».

    "Miraculous" because ...

    In particular, several studies have highlighted the importance of catechins, antioxidants found in green tea (of which they even represent 20-30% of the weight) and in cacao.

    "These substances increase blood flow to the retina, favoring oxygenation of the whole area and delaying the aging of cells because they favor their renewal, also counteracting the action of free radicals and inhibiting chronic inflammation»Explains the expert.

    "In addition, the catechins have the property of passing from the gastrointestinal tract to the ocular tissues in a massive way, so it is really possible the foods that contain them to pull back the pointers of our vision".

    To fill it up

    Green tea and cocoa, therefore, with some "tricks" to take as much catechins as possible.

    «The tea should be prepared with water at a temperature not exceeding 85 ° C to maintain the benefits of the active ingredients unaltered and should be left to infuse for 5 minutes », advises doctor Anselmi. «It should then be drunk at least an hour before meals or two hours after, so as to have an empty stomach and optimize its intake. A couple of cups of tea a day, hot or cold, are ideal, even better if sugar-free to keep blood sugar under control ».

    Another effective way to take catechins is to consume fave di cocoa crude.

    «You can nibble them as if they were almonds or hazelnuts: 5 or 6 beans in the middle of the morning or in the middle of the afternoon, away from the main meals», the nutritionist always suggests.

    «If you don't like their intense and slightly bitter taste, you can pulverize them and combine them with centrifuges or fruit smoothies. Alternatively, dark or raw chocolate bars (made only with cocoa, cocoa butter and cane or coconut sugar) are fine. But no more than 4 squares a day, about 30 g, in mid-morning or mid-afternoon as a hunger breaker ».

    Other good habits

    Never a little water: Poor hydration reduces the production of tears, so the eyelids create greater friction on the eye and micro-irritations can be created.

    Not only that: in case of intense heat, dehydration can lead to the contraction of the vitreous, causing a tear in the retina.

    Never too much fat: saturated ones can hinder microcirculation inside the eye, limiting oxygenation. Thus the eye ages earlier.

    Never so many sugars: According to WHO (the World Health Organization), a low-sugar diet helps prevent eye diseases.

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