Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes

Have you ever tried to make spring rolls with some summer vegetables? The variations for preparing spring rolls at home are truly numerous.

In classic recipe for spring rolls usually carrots, Chinese cabbage or savoy cabbage and bean sprouts are used, but you can choose your ingredients for the filling according to your tastes and seasons. Here is a collection of recipes to prepare spring rolls in the summer version at home.


Spring rolls with radishes

Among the ingredients that you can add to vary the classic recipe of spring rolls here are radishes that you can combine with rocket andavocado. This recipe also suggests adding noodles or spaghetti to the filling. THU the complete recipe for spring rolls with radishes.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Your country spring rolls with tomato pulp

A your country version of spring rolls, and also particularly summer, plans to use tomato pulp for the filling. You'll also need carrots, yellow peppers, a spoonful of homemade basil pesto and a few drops of soy sauce. THU the recipe to follow.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Carrot spring rolls

If in the summer you have the opportunity to collect the carrots from your garden, here you can slice them into sticks and choose them as a filling for your spring rolls. You can combine them with other summer vegetables, such as green beans or peas. Here is the recipe to take inspiration from.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Avocado spring rolls

Thanks to 'avocado you can prepare some alternative spring rolls to be served as a tasty appetizer. In addition to two ripe avocados for the filling of these spring rolls, you will need dried tomatoes in oil, red onion and coriander. THU the recipe to follow to prepare avocado spring rolls.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Spring rolls with peppers

The filling of these spring rolls is suitable for both Vegetarians that ai vegans and it is very summery as it includes red peppers and carrots, but you can also combine yellow and green peppers to make the dish even more colorful. Sauté the vegetables in a pan with extra virgin olive oil before using them as a filling. THU the recipe to follow.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Spring rolls with zucchini baked in the oven

Among the summer vegetables that you will not be able to forget for the filling of your spring rolls here are the zucchini. You can prepare spring rolls in a light version. Just bake them in the oven instead of frying them in a pan. They will still be crunchy but lighter. THU recipe.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Spring rolls with carrots, cucumbers and avocado

These spring rolls in a summer version are prepared with rice vermicelli, carrots, cucumbers and avocado to cut into julienne strips, chopped fresh basil and rice paper to wrap the filling. To flavor you can use soy sauce or hot pepper sauce. THU the recipe to follow.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Spring rolls with lettuce and carrots with rice paper

If you have the rice paper - which can now also be found in the supermarket, or in Asian shops - the preparation of the rolls will be even easier, since all you have to do is pan-fry the chosen vegetables. But lettuce, cucumbers and carrots will also be fine raw to make up the filling. THU recipe.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Low carb spring rolls with avocado and cucumber

If you want to prepare some spring rolls without cooking and low carb you can opt for lettuce or cabbage leaves instead of the classic rice paper. For the filling you will choose carrots, courgettes, cucumbers and avocado, all raw, to be sliced ​​into sticks. Opt for firm avocados and cucumbers. THU the recipe to follow.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


Mediterranean spring rolls with eggplant and peppers

If you are looking for a recipe to prepare the spring rolls in summer and Mediterranean versions, here you are satisfied. In fact, for the filling of these spring rolls you will need peppers, aubergines, courgettes, tomato sauce and pesto. THU the complete recipe.

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes


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