Soft apple pie: the recipe

La apple pie it is one of the desserts we love the most because it reminds us of the snacks of when we were children. Prepare one soft apple pie and tasty is really very simple, just follow the well prescription and dose the ingredients in the right way.

You can prepare your own homemade apple pie to serve for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert after lunch or after dinner. To prepare this cake you can choose the variety of apples you prefer. We recommend yellow apples if you want a sweeter flavor and green apples for a slightly more acidic taste.


Those who don't eat eggs and dairy products can follow our vegan apple pie recipe. Here are the ingredients and instructions to prepare your soft yet really tasty apple pie at home. We recommend that you prefer organic ingredients.


300 grams of spelled flour
150 ml of milk at room temperature
100 gr of whole cane sugar
50 ml of extra virgin olive oil
50 ml of plain yogurt
3 apples
2 fresh eggs
2 tablespoons of rice flour
1 sachet of organic baking powder
1 pinch of ground cinnamon
1 pinch of salt
1 lemon


Wash, peel and slice the apples. Squeeze a lemon and sprinkle the apples with the juice obtained. In the meantime, prepare the others ingredients for your fluffy apple pie. Beat the eggs with a whisk and mix them with the yogurt, brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil and milk. Mix the liquid ingredients very well and pour them into a large bowl.

At this point, gradually add the spelled flour and rice flour. Continue to mix with a whisk or a spoon, trying not to form lumps. It is easier to avoid the lumps though sift the flour before using it. You can prepare this cake with a hand whisk, or with an electric whisk or with the food processor.

Add a pinch of ground cinnamon, a pinch of salt and a sachet of organic baking powder to the mixture. If the dough seems too thick, pour a little more milk. Mix well and add the apples after having drained them and distribute them evenly in the dough. If you have chosen an organic lemon, you can add a teaspoon or two of Lemon peel grated to flavor it even more. If you want, enrich your cake with a spoonful of raisins or chocolate chips.

Oil and flour a cake mold and pour the dough. Bake your apple pie in the oven at 180 ° C for about 35-40 minutes until the surface is golden and the cake is well cooked inside. Test the toothpick before taking it out.

Bon appetit!

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