Rice: the right variety for every recipe

We eat it about 6 kilos per year and the trend is that of a slow but steady increase. Rice is increasingly present on our tables, albeit it deserves even more space, considering that we are the first producers in Europe (50% of the grains come from our rice fields) and that the benefits of this food are innumerable.

Here are the varieties to choose from.


It is obtained thanks to the "boiling" with steam and the subsequent drying of the beans, which thus take on the characteristic amber color. The advantages? It is more resistant to cooking, absorbs less fat and preserves the fibers, vitamins and mineral salts contained in the outer layers.


Also called Venus, it comes from China and owes its color to the pigments produced by the plant which, as shown by recent research carried out at the University of Louisiana, are powerful antioxidants useful for fighting free radicals and reducing cholesterol levels.


It is the richest in vitamins, minerals and fiber and, according to a study conducted by the Harvard School in Boston, would reduce the risk of having type 2 diabetes. Why? It releases sugars gradually, containing blood sugar spikes that can open the doors to disease.


The name means "queen of fragrance", precisely to indicate its particular flavor. Basmati rice is grown in India and Pakistan, has a long and thin grain, which remains consistent thanks to the high content of amylopectin, the part of starch that does not dissolve in water.


There are several subtypes, including the organic whole from Camargue (in the South of France) which is particularly valuable, Thai from Thailand and Java from Indonesia. All have an intense and typically sweetish flavor, medium-long grain and a high content of valuable antioxidants.


Also called "Wild rice" or wild, it grows spontaneously in Canada, along the Atlantic coasts of the USA and in some areas of the Gulf of Mexico. The beans have a color ranging from red-brown to intense black and are very thin and long. Rich in minerals and proteins, it has a taste reminiscent of chestnuts.

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