Rice: also bring to the table biscuits, biscuits, pasta, milk & Co.

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Rice is capable of bring many benefits when consumed several times a week. Get the full benefits of this cereal by consuming its derivatives too!


Crunchy and digestible, they are one valid alternative to bread. At the same weight, they are less caloric than breadsticks and crackers and, above all, they fill more. They are prepared with puffed rice, often wholemeal, rich in fiber. Try them as a snack, alone or with a little cheese or a slice of ham.


Both in the classic and in the light version (with little sugar and fat) retain the nutritional properties of the starting grains. Like all rice-based desserts, they are very digestible and satiate more than normal shortbread biscuits because the flour used is more grainy than that of wheat and absorbs more liquids.


It is obtained from a fermentation process caused by bacteria of the genus Acetobacter. It is a delicate variety, which has only 3 to 4% acetic acid: that's why it is generally suitable for those who do not like too sour flavors. The white one is often used to season rice for sushi, the dark one in meat dishes.


It was there first gluten free proposal to arrive on the shelves of the super. During cooking (which lasts half that of traditional pasta), it absorbs a lot of water and noticeably increases in volume. In practice, if a 60 g portion of wheat noodles seems scarce, a dish with the same amount of rice will appear fuller and more satisfying.


Grains, water, rice oil, sea salt, calcium and vitamin D: these are the ingredients of a vegetable drink, ideal if you are lactose intolerant or do not eat foods of animal origin. Enjoy it plain or use it for cooking.


In many Asian countries it has always been used for seasoning. With us it is spreading more and more because it has been discovered that it has a high concentration of gamma-oryzanol, a mix of substances capable of reducing "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides.

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