Reflections on the consumption of vitamin B12

Reflections on the consumption of vitamin B12

We read many numbers and many percentages related to consumption of vitamin B12 but it is often omitted to specify to whom these figures refer, as if an omnivore, a vegetarian and a vegan had identical metabolisms.

This is the upstream error that often triggers alarmism. Instead, clear distinctions are needed, especially if we study the relationship between vitamin B12 and proteins.


Vitamin B12 and proteins

To be processed and mutated into tissue, proteins have need vitamin B12, which in this way is consumed.

But since the man's diet medium is heavily biased towards a excessive consumption of protein, especially those of animal origin, goes from sé and B12 is consumed in excess precisely because of the abundance of proteins, and that if this bad habit is corrected, as happens in the case of the vegan diet, the waste of cobalamin is greatly reduced and a smaller intake is required.

Evidence of the link between vitamin B12 and proteins is the fact that this vitamin is often prescribed against appetite, since like proteins require vitamin B12, the latter requires protein, or rather, protein food.


Foods rich in protein


Where is Vitamin B12 found?

Other alarmisms are often raised in relation to the difficulty in obtaining vitamin B12 through normal nutrition, often going so far as to suggest the use of vitamin supplements as the only safe source.

While it is true that the damage due to the deficiency of this essential vitamin for the proper functioning of the human metabolism is serious and often irreversible, especially when they compromise the central nervous system, on the other hand it must be said that this topic is frequently subject to exaggerations, since on balance they really are rare cases of serious cobalamin deficiency.

But it is so difficult find vitamin B12 in nature? In fact, in addition to moles products of animal origin, is found produced by some microorganisms on the surface of unwashed fruit and vegetables, which cuts out all the vegetables we buy in supermarkets and stores.

It's not easy if you don't have your own garden, find fruits and vegetables in which to place such trust eat it raw and unwashed. However, it should be noted that the bacterial flora that inhabits our intestines would be potentially capable of producing B12, as happens in many other mammals, and that if it does not, it may be due to the fact that we do not know how to eat healthy, making the conditions of our intestine not ideal for all the activities of the microflora.


How is vitamin B12 consumed?

We observed the relationship between vitamin B12 or cobalamin and proteins, concerning the production of the body's tissues. We also took a look at its availability in the wild and hinted at the dangers of its possible deficiency.

Now we should also observe another important factor: how is it consumed? The mechanism by which the more protein they eat, the more B12 we consume is clarified, and this should already reassure vegetarians and vegans to a minimum.

Other habits that consume vitamin B12 stores are the smoking and consumption of alcohol or drugs, for an bad rest, the stress. We will thus observe that a healthy lifestyle consumes very little B12, while it is often squandered due to bad habits.

The consumption of alcohol and the consumption of meat are often linked: to remove animal fat that is deposited on the mucosa, the body may require alcohol; the consumption of alcohol however wastes vitamin B12, and therefore to obtain it the body still asks for meat, and therefore more alcohol in a vicious circle in its own way balanced but harmful to health.

In the end we will therefore notice that the statistics on high and low B12 vitamins should be different for an omnivore addicted to meat consumption, for a vegetarian who still dwells on the consumption of milk, cheese and eggs, and for a vegan who does not smoke and do not. he drinks alcohol and with a healthy intestinal environment, especially given by regular fasts.


Folic acid and vitamin B12


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