Red garlic from Nubia: what it is and its properties

Red garlic from Nubia: what it is and its properties

The red garlic of Nubia it is a particular garlic that has the tunics of the bulbils colored in an intense red, from which it derives its name. This garlic is grown in Nubia, which is a hamlet of Paceto in Trapani, where traditionally, since the birth of the village in 1500, the methods of cultivation of this garlic have been handed down. special red-skinned garlic

The hamlet of Nubia was also known as the "village of garlic", precisely because this product was typical of the area. Today again the cultivation of garlic takes place in the traditional way, from the choice of cloves for sowing to harvesting and drying for conservation.

Each step of its cultivation is handed down and carried out by hand according to respect for the environment and the product itself to keep its properties and flavor unaltered.

Nubian garlic, also known as red garlic from Paceto or Trapani, sees its registration in the list of Protected Designation of Origin products (DOP.) and has obtained a quality brand recognition that enhances the product and its tradition.


Taste, characteristics and cultivation of Nubian red garlic

The word "all" means spicy and this is a reminder that garlic has a distinct strong flavor and pungent. In particular, Nubia garlic is rich in allicin which is the substance that gives garlic flavor and therefore the taste is much stronger than the common white garlic.

Nubia red garlic is made up of 12 cloves covered with a red skin, called inner tunic, while the outer tunic that wraps all the bulbils remains white in color.

This garlic comes sown between November and December in rows which are then harvested between May and June. The ideal soils for growing this garlic are dark and clayey and thick it is associated with other vegetables such as broad beans, melons or wheat in order to obtain the synergy advantages of the intercropping of vegetables. 

Production yields are approx 60 quintals per hectare and the companies currently cultivating this red garlic are about sixty. Its collection usually takes place in the evening to allow a little more water to be inside the leaves of the plant which thus allows the formation of braids made up of more garlic.

These braids are left to dry for a few days in the field and then continue the natural drying in shaded and ventilated environments.


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Properties of Nubia garlic

The peculiarity of this red garlic from Nubia is its high concentration of allicin, the active ingredient responsible for the beneficial and healthy effects of garlic.

The use of garlic as a natural antibiotic is now recognized in the herbalist tradition and also in phytotherapy. In fact it was found the effectiveness of garlic to counteract the development of bacteria and to increase the prevention of viral infections.

Furthermore, garlic balances blood pressure being a hypotensive with vasodilating properties that make it a natural antithrombotic also preventing cardiovascular diseases. The extra garlic contains sulphides and minerals such as selenium which are capable of an anti-aging action, being able to fight free radicals. 

Garlic is also a hypocholesterolizer thanks to its ability to lower bad cholesterol in the blood and it is a liver purifier because it supports liver function in its detoxification and purification action of the body.

Garlic stimulates the immune system and it is a natural pesticide that is useful for keeping the intestinal flora in balance by fighting any parasites or microbes passing through the gastrointestinal tract.

Herbal and herbal products that contain garlic are single dosages and these garlic extracts are usually designed not to make you feel the taste of garlic and avoid the bad breath given by those who consume garlic.


Other uses of garlic

One particular use of garlic sees it used as pesticide for the defense of plants from harmful insects but also as a mosquito repellent.

In fact, a macerate or an infusion based on garlic can keep insects away that attack the crops in our garden. Even growing garlic bulbs on the windowsill alone can keep mosquitoes away from home.

The flavor given by the allicin in Nubia garlic is so strong that even food use alone is able to keep mosquitoes at a distance through the perspiration of the skin. 

Our breath when we eat garlic it is not the best so it is recommended to brush our teeth immediately after eating it to remove the taste and smell but not always enough.

Excellent use of dental floss and chewing of mint leaves or parsley but also drinking a cup of tea which is rich in polyphenols allows you to reduce bad breath given by garlic.


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