Pumpkin seeds, the ideal snack

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I Pumpkin seeds are a hunger-breaker ally of health: whether you are at work, at school, on vacation and, among fruit, crackers, coffee, tea or fruit juices, you no longer know what to bring with you to break up the morning or for an afternoon snack?

A valid substitute is the DIY natural bars, but also nice little bags with a mix of oil seeds.

Among these, in particular, pumpkin seeds cannot be missing, tasty and crunchy, one leads to another, especially if they are already beautiful than peeled! 

But did you know that pumpkin seeds are also good for your health? Here because. 


Pumpkin seeds, all the benefits 

> Nutrients, with unique active ingredients - like phytosterols, vitamins, such as K, and Omega 3 - its beneficial action on the muscle tone of the bladder is known, preventing disorders related to prostate.

THEintake of pumpkin seeds is also very suitable for those suffering from cystitis and, in general, for women's inflammations. 


> Rich in minerals, as magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, are essential natural supplements, perfect for sportsmen and women, especially during change of season.

> Disinfectants, containing cucurbitina, a precious amino acid, are foods that keep worms and parasites away from the body, facilitating their intestinal expulsion. 

> Excellent for the cardiovascular system, containing unsaturated fatty acids that keep cholesterol at bay, such as linolenic acid, and Omega 3 and phytosterols

> Rich in vitamins - vitamin C, of ​​group B, vitamin E and vitamin K - are excellent allies for athletes and for a tired body, which needs to be reinvigorated, even starting from the hair!

> They also contain L-tryptophan, an amino acid that helps fight insomnia and, in general, tone mood, staving off depression


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Prepare the pumpkin seeds

You can dry pumpkin seeds yourself, instead of buying them in stores or supermarkets.

When you clean the pumpkin do not throw away the seedsi, but collect them, clean them and wash them well, place them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, salt them (optional step!) and toast them in the oven at 180 ° C for about 15 minutes.

One teaspoon a day of pumpkin seeds is enough to enjoy these fantastic properties, without the fear of gaining weight!

A curiosity: to surprise, boiling the pumpkin seeds with a little water for a few minutes you get a decoction that helps fight insomnia e prevents and soothes irritation to the urinary tract

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