Pasta: the test to understand if it is of quality

    Pasta: the test to understand if it is of quality

    Did you know that there is a "Pasta purity law"? It turns 50 and was commissioned by the producers of the country to guarantee the excellence of ours flat symbol.

    It establishes that fusilli and rigatoni must be prepared only with durum wheat semolina and water and provide at least 10,5 g of protein per pound. To guarantee you the best you can find on the market, super check the nutrition label and, once at home, take this test immediately.

    1. Look at the color

    It must be homogeneous amber yellow, without light spots (indicating an imperfect hydration of the semolina) or dark (sign of the presence of bran fragments).

    2. Observe the cooking water

    If it is slightly cloudy, it means that the pasta you are boiling does not release starch: feature that guarantees an optimal seal.

    3. Judge the shape

    Once drained it must maintain the original structure. The pacchero must not "sit down" nor the spaghetti bunch up, which happens when the gluten it is not of good quality.

    4. Evaluate the consistency

    It must turn out homogeneous, without soft parts on the outside nor too hard on the inside, otherwise it means that the work has not been carried out in a workmanlike manner.

    5. Check the appearance on the plate

    How many elements appear intact after cooking? And how many have cracked, flaked, stuck together or remained undercooked? Minor is the number of "defective" pieces and more the pasta is ok.

    6. Measure the nerve

    This term refers to the resistance andelasticity of fusilli and penne during chewing, and their ability to maintain these characteristics even when cooking is prolonged.

    7. Boil it more than it should

    Watch the suggested time on the package and leave the pot on the stove for 25-30% more (2-3 minutes). The quality of the product you are testing is excellent if the pasta holds up and cook until pasta is, retains the right nerve and ideal elasticity.

    8. “Forget it” 10 minutes on the table

    Evaluate the nerve and patinosity of linguine or penne after abandoning them 5 minutes in the colander and another 10 in the serving dish. This crash test step is one of the most important for the industry Catering. But also for those who want to make a good impression when they invite their friends to dinner, proposing one pasta cooked to perfection even if he stays at the table a few more minutes.

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