Organic almond milk: how to prepare it at home

Il almond milk it is a vegetable drink rich in calcium. There are numerous recipes for its preparation. We present the faster version, which requires neither cooking nor a long soaking of the almonds. The almond milk prepared in this way, it can be stored in the refrigerator for two or three days.

This vegetable drink it contains mineral salts, fibers and essential fatty acids which contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive and circulatory systems. The richness of calcium in almond milk derives from the abundant presence of this mineral salt in the fruits themselves. 100 grams of almonds they contain in fact 266 milligrams of calcium. Other vegetable sources of calcium they are dried figs, quinoa, flax seeds and sesame seeds. Also not to be forgotten are legumes and broccoli.

For the preparation of 1 liter of organic almond milk you will need:

150 gr almonds organic peeled
1,2 liters of water
1 blender
1 bowl
1 funnel
1 glass bottle
1 colander, kitchen towel or filter paper



Pour the almonds into a bowl after weighing them, cover them with water at room temperature and let them rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour, so that they soften. So drain and set aside thesoaking water, to which you will add the water needed to reach the quantity of 1,2 liters.

Arrange the almonds on the bottom of a blender and operate it by pouring the necessary water little by little. Continue to blend for a few minutes in order to chop the almonds as finely as possible. When you are done, you can filter the almond milk with a colander, a kitchen towel or filter paper and transfer it to the glass bottle with the help of a funnel, squeezing the almond pulp well.

To make your almond milk sweeter, as well as more full-bodied, you can think of adding one or two when blending dates, a dried apricot, or two or three banana slices. If, on the other hand, you intend to use almond milk for savory preparations, you can add it with a pinch of whole sea salt.

Almond milk with extractor

In case you have a juice extractor, the preparation of almond milk it gets even easier. Without prejudice to the doses indicated above, just let the almonds soak overnight and put them in the extractor (in this case you can also leave the cuticle) by slowly adding the water in which they rested.

In this way, being cold pressed, all the properties of the almonds are preserved and you will immediately get the milk ready for consumption.

How to use almond pulp

From the preparation of this vegetable milk you will get some almond pulp (okara), which you can use as an ingredient for the filling of cakes or to enrich biscuits. The simplest and most immediate use consists in the preparation of dried fruit paraline to be obtained by blending the almond pulp in a kitchen mixer with a handful of raisins, chocolate flakes, dates and walnuts, pistachios or hazelnuts, until a rather sticky mixture is obtained, with which to form balls with your hands, which you can sprinkle of cocoa powder or coconut flour to obtain pralines. Keep them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes / 1 hour before serving.

How to use almond milk

Almond milk can be used in the kitchen in both sweet and savory preparations, depending on your tastes, to replace cow's milk or other types of vegetable milk It can be used to make sweet creams for filling, cakes, biscuits, ice creams and smoothies. As for savory recipes, almond milk is excellent in the preparation of vegetable béchamel and gluten-free, together with extra virgin olive oil and rice flour.

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