Plant-based milk: the novelties, tools and accessories to prepare it at home

From soya milk to the barley, prepare the vegetable drinks it will be even simpler, in the name of savings and ecology. Starting from organic and natural raw materials you can obtain thirst-quenching and nutritious drinks suitable for breakfast and for any moment of pause of the day. The new utensils and appliances will help you inself of your vegetable milk favorite, as well as fresh juices and smoothies.


Soyabella is a useful appliance for the home preparation of vegetable milk. It is also equipped with everything you need to get the tofu starting from the processing of soybeans. Soyabella is distributed in your country by Bivacchi Spa. It allows you to produce up to 1,3 liters of vegetable milk with less than 100 grams of soy in just 15 minutes. Soyabella controls for you the various stages of the preparation of soy milk: from grinding the seeds to the temperature of the water for boiling.

The appliance, thanks to a special tool, turns into a grinder, also suitable for other types of seeds. All the components of Soyabella that come into contact with food have been made of stainless steel. The heating coil is protected by the boiling chamber, in order to protect the user of the appliance.

Plant-based milk: the novelties, tools and accessories to prepare it at home


What is ChufaMix

ChufaMix it is not a household appliance, but a kitchen utensil, a real tool able to facilitate the preparation of vegetable drinks. It is presented in your country as a novelty at Sana 2013, after the European launch last June. It is the first tool for squeezing nuts, seeds, cereals and herbs.

How it works

ChufaMix must be used in conjunction with a normal hand blender. Is composed by a 1 liter container to be filled with water, and in which to insert a glass with filter, where to pour the ingredients to prepare the chosen drink. With an immersion blender, you will have to make circular movements, from top to bottom, operating it for 1 minute inside the glass-filter. At this point, it will be necessary to press the contents of the glass-filter with the mortar supplied, to extract every drop of liquid. All that remains is to mix the drink, sweeten it to taste, and enjoy it.

Plant-based milk: the novelties, tools and accessories to prepare it at home

Vegetable drinks

With ChufaMix they are enough only 5 minutes to prepare:

1) Fruit and vegetable smoothies with nuts, seeds or cereals
2) Dried fruit juices based on almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts
3) Beverages based on legumes, as soya milk or peas
4) Vegetable milk with cereals, made with oats, rice and millet, or barley
5) Cocktails, juices and smoothies based on fruit, vegetables and cereals

The advantages of ChufaMix

1) Safety and long life

The components of ChufaMix (container, glass-filter, mortar and measuring cup) do not contain dangerous or anti-ecological substances, such as BPA, PVC e bakelite. It was designed without planned obsolescence, therefore it will last many years without the need for repairs or replacements.

2) Salute

With ChufaMix prepare always fresh drinks and freshly squeezed, which will keep the nutritional principles e Medicines herbs, cereals, fruit and all the other raw materials used to obtain them.

3) Savings

Vegetable drinks prepared at home they are cheaper than packaged products. With ChufaMix 1 liter of soy milk it will only cost 35 cents, while 1 liter of oat milk only 25.

4) Reduction of waste

Thanks to ChufaMix you can say stop ai waste and contain the energy waste. In fact, the preparation of vegetable drinks does not require long and expensive industrial processes or packaging operations. This entails a tangible reduction in household waste, as well as guaranteeing effective energy savings. The immersion blender, in 2 minutes of use, it will consume only 20 Watts.

Plant-based milk: the novelties, tools and accessories to prepare it at home

5) Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption in the preparation of vegetable drinks goes through the choice of raw materials, which may come frombiological agriculture, from local producers or from fair trade.

Where to find ChufaMix

ChufaMix is ​​a novelty for the market your country linked tonatural food. On the website it will be possible to consult a demonstration video and a recipe book with over 80 recipes for the preparation of any type of vegetable drink. To receive information on how to purchase ChufaMix, you can write to

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