Natural energizers, foods against fatigue

Natural energizers, foods against fatigue

Do you feel tired? Your body is subdued, tiredness assails you and are you listless?

In these moments you can react by asking for help from natural remedies. In fact, there are foods and herbs that can make you regain strength and energy. These Natural foods against fatigue are called natural energizers.

Each energizing food has its own composition of active ingredients, with specific properties and activation mechanisms that are different but which all combine to fortify and tone the body. They are also capable of restoring a dynamic and active state of mind, thus being able to say that i energizing foods give "charge and optimism"!

Natural energizing foods are for example those that they act on the nervous system like coffee, tea and chocolate.

Also we can use the fruits and oil seeds, the spices, and all vegetables of red color to reactivate and invigorate the body.

Finally, even adaptogenic herbal drinks can be enjoyed as natural energizing foods against fatigue.


Nervous foods among the natural energizers: coffee, tea and chocolate

Some Natural foods are energizing because they act on the nervous system central and peripheral and increase fatigue resistance.
In fact, they are called nerve foods, precisely because they contain biologically very active substances called alkaloids which act like tonic and fortifying the body.

Coffee contains the well-known caffeine, while the tea contains the theine and chocolate has the theobromine, which in different percentages and modulations are more or less powerful in activating the nervous system.

- effects nerve foods and these substances are:

  • activation of adrenaline and noradrenaline (the body is ready for the attack or flight response);
  • dilation of blood vessels and therefore more oxygen in the circulation;
  • increased heart rate and strength;
  • thermogenesis with increased metabolism which is sometimes used for weight loss diets.

But don't forget the contraindications because its use can cause tachycardia, tremors, hypertension, headache, nervousness and insomnia.

These actions are linked to the dose of intake and the percentage of active substance, so we will obviously have coffee in the first place as maximum effectiveness and subsequently tea and chocolate.

Decaffeinated coffee or decaffeinated tea they no longer contain these toning and energizing substances and even green tea is less rich than classic black tea.

We remind you that the use of these energizing natural foods, however, must be kept under control. In fact they go dosed the quantities and daily use so as not to create a sort of addiction of the body by their action. 

In particular, then in coffee we not only find caffeine, but other substances that can be harmful such as those produced in roasting and the roasting process. The choice of high quality and eco-friendly products or in any case of organic farming it is advisable to take healthier foods.

It is also recommended to use the nerves only when needed, in order to obtain a prompt intervention of "awakening and energy" which only works if we do not abuse it!


Oil seeds among the natural energizers: energy in calories

Between fruit and oil seeds we find great allies as energizing foods.

In fact, these plant foods fight fatigue thanks to supply to the body of many calories that give a lot of energy ready to use.

The 12 energizing seeds and oleaginous fruits:

  • cashew nuts
  • peanuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • Macadamia
  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • nights
  • Brazil nuts
  • pine nuts
  • pistachios
  • Sesame seeds
  • pumpkin

The composition of these foods is rich in vitamins and minerals which become useful in moments of tiredness, fatigue and convalescence.

In the form of natural, fresh or dried fruits and seeds, they can be eaten paying attention to do not exceed in number so as not to overheat the body too much. In fact the recommended period of intake is during autumn and winter, while in summer the use must be decreased in order not to exceed in too much heat and energy.

The preparation of these foods is always energizing uncooked, to maintain all the properties that we would otherwise lose during cooking as happens for some fatty acids essential (omegas) and for thermolabile vitamins.

We could then transform the seeds and oil-bearing fruits in creams, budwing and vegetable butters to be eaten by the spoon or to spread. Some seeds are suitable for both sweet and savory use, thus becoming snacks for snacks and snacks.


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Chromium feeding: red colored foods, natural energizers

In the field of chromium nutrition we find how important it is to feed on foods of plant origin including all colors. In fact according to this method each color corresponds to a frequency that activates a certain area of ​​the human body and keeps it healthy.

In support of this type of approach it can be seen that colors represent certain substances within food and therefore each of them will lead to specific modifications at the level of the organs and systems of the human body.

According to ancient Indian medicine we speak of 7 chakras or doors, which correspond to the 7 colors of the visual spectrum and each of them activates the corresponding area and organ of the body.

In the case of energizing foods we will need a bright, vigorous and clearly visible color, since it will be necessary to activate the first chakra that corresponds to the red and to the organs of creation and origin.

Put your vegetable foods of red color they are therefore useful for tone and energize the body in fact, they activate the circulation, increase the flow of oxygen in the blood and thus bring heat to the whole body.

To give some examples of red energizing foods:

  • tomatoes with lycopene and other activating substances;
  • strawberries known as excellent energizers;
  • the barberosse that contain a lot iron.


Energy drinks with adaptogenic herbs

From the world of herbs we can obtain many drinks for energizing use against fatigue.

Some herbs can be used for nerve energizing as we have seen with coffee, tea and chocolate, while other herbs can be used for create tonic and adaptogenic energizing drinks.

The term "adaptogen" means that such a substance or active ingredient is capable of increase resistance to various stressors whether they are physical, chemical or biological.

Among adaptogenic plants we have:

  • ginseng
  • guarana
  • eleutherococcus
  • rhodiola

As for the nerve energizers, also in this case the percentage of substance, the dosage and the number of intakes determine the effectiveness and action of the energizing drink.

Adaptogens are modulators and also act at the level of hormones, so it will be necessary pay close attention to the eventual abuse, To dependence andaddiction that these substances can lead, especially on a psychological level. They are natural substances that can become a support and help in times of need, but they are a momentary support and not a constraint on constant and indicriminate hiring.

In order of effectiveness, ginseng is stronger and is very "masculine" as a type of energy; then, the more “feminine” guarana, and lastly the eleutherococcus and rhodiola. It is advisable to start with the lighter ones and then move on to the stronger adaptogens if necessary.

We can find drinks with nerves and adaptogens together that will have a strong effect and will infuse a lot of energy in the immediate, but the high peaks lead to successive moments of low tone that would be better avoided.

Not to have jolts and fluctuations both in body energy and in mood it is better to adjust the intake with single drinks or take Dietary Supplements based on one of these adaptogens.

There are also energizing herbal teas useful for awakening the energies when we feel tired, exhausted and sleepy, lacking in energy.


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