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More and more people are choosing vegetarian. Until a few years ago the only alternative - on a lunch break - to a sandwich with cutlet or a hamburger, for those who wanted to eat vegetarian was always and only the "squalid" salad. In recent times organic or vegetarian cuisine has however increasingly taken hold and not only among people who have decided to adopt a vegetarian way of eating, but also among those who want to alternate green dishes with a light and healthy flavor to the Mediterranean diet.

The various news, reliable or not, which periodically report cases of crazed cows and feverish pigs could easily be seen as the causes of the constant increase in the number of people who choose to eliminate from their diets (or only repudiate) animal products or otherwise from their derivatives. Instead, it is interesting to see how the trend is changing slightly: vegetable cooking is no longer just a need for "purists" but rather a desire to differentiate one's way of eating by inserting exclusive complete meals of vegetables. Now the number of studies that affirm how much this diet is just as correct is increasingly visible to everyone.

capital of fashion and economy, it would seem that the city, your country, more than the others, guarantees a better offer for this type of food. For this reason we have decided to provide you with an overview of the main points where you can meet this need, listing, describing and reviewing some of the refreshment places, canteens and restaurants present within the territory of the Lombard capital.

Restaurants reviewed:

Our gastronomic walk starts from the historic center of the city in via Valpetrosa 5, where the Indian restaurant is located . In addition to offering dishes, of course, exclusively vegetarian, it is the atmosphere that makes the place even more fascinating. Respect for people and animals - as Indian philosophy teaches - is at home, for this reason it is strictly forbidden to keep mobile phones on, it can happen to share tables with other people and alcoholic drinks cannot be served. The dishes are served on round trays and extremely characteristic bowls. The price is extremely competitive. The only remora is perhaps an extremely “alternative” environment that can lead to believe that it is a facade choice rather than an interesting cultural experience. Exotic.

Always staying on Indian cuisine we point out Mangiarè (located in the hinterland of Via Parigi at number 19). This place makes creativity its strong point. Are the Whole rice e vegetarian dishes to be the master. Very affordable the fixed price of 7 euros available during lunch. On the contrary, the price of the evening rises almost 4 times, with the aggravating circumstance that the place is closed on both days of the weekend. If you were in the area it would be worth a visit, but even getting there with premeditation would seem a little excessive. Sporadic.

Returning to via Larga 7 you can go and visit the Macrobiotic Center your village. The restaurant is open only for lunch, but the long term (dated 1972) makes it one of the most important gastronomic sites regarding macrobiotic cuisine. Over the years it has mainly developed as cooking school and it has only recently become a real restaurant. The menu varies from day to day and is built according to the macrobiotic theory that sees the whole grain as a staple food. The fixed lunch of the day has the conventional price of 8.50 euros. In addition, a cooking class is held on Wednesday evenings during which the theoretical bases of Macrobiotics are provided and a complete macrobiotic menu is cooked together from appetizer to dessert. Historical.

Singular and eclectic is instead the Coco’s located in via Speronari 33. A halfway between fast food and restaurant, this place manages to obtain the right combination of speed and quality of the dishes. Don't expect “Sunday” cutlery, far from it! Plates and forks are strictly made of plastic and after use they are thrown away (and hopefully recycled!). The place is rather spartan, open for both dinner and lunch and among the drinks there is also someexcellent bio-beer. On request they can also be organized children's evenings, dinner with table service (which is usually not present) and an afternoon happy hour. Desserts are perhaps the specialty of the place, with the cold infusion as a strong point: a cross between smoothie and fruit juice that is really very good and thirst-quenching. Prices are average and just over ten euros. Instant.

North of, precisely in the Lambrate area, via Pacini 39 rises "A light world". Restaurant, gastronomy, organic take away, fast food, point of sale… all in the name of nature. Vegetarianism, wholemeal, organic and seasonal cuisine are the guidelines followed in the preparation of dishes from cultural traditions from around the world, therefore a great variety of cuisines for all tastes. All the initiatives related to this world are very interesting: personalized consultations with dietetic proposals, cooking courses, nutrition conferences and study weeks. A place where you not only go to eat, but also to deepen some aspects of this fantastic food culture. Didactic.

In the historic center, in a network of streets behind Piazza Missori and more precisely in Via Unione 6, there is a small and wonderful place: "At the old dairy". A real dairy (for those who intend to do the shopping), ideal for a quick and tasty lunch. Small small environment and therefore reservations are recommended. In reality it is not exclusively a vegetarian restaurant, but since it has really refined and special organic menus we decided to recommend it anyway. Ideal for those who love simple and genuine things. Friendly.

The Sunflower in via Cesariano 14, was born after twenty years of experience in the shop of the same name. This restaurant makes culinary uniqueness and innovation its strong point. An organic, natural, vegetarian, healthy, tasty and seasonal cuisine. Extravagant dishes that will make you realize how much this type of cuisine can be just as tasty and varied in flavors. The restaurant is also graceful and elegant. Delicious.

Last place (but only in our list) that we point out is the Biobar botanical center in Piazza San Marco 1. It is an intimate place with about 40 seats, 100% vegetarian cuisine almost vegan, excellent fruit and vegetable juices and all at really competitive prices. Peculiar feature: the biobar carries out activities inside an organic food and non-food shop. finanacing.

Why eat vegetarian:

9 million meals are consumed in your country every day. The role of catering becomes increasingly important while institutions, such as the Minister of Health, invest in large multi-year campaigns to raise awareness of the quality of the choices at the table. The consumer is therefore becoming more aware every day of the importance of a correct diet, based on the Mediterranean tradition, which is particularly healthy, with its great contribution of precious elements coming from the vegetable. More and more people are trying to eat healthily. The cuisine your vegetarian country, treasure of our gastronomy, represents an added value to be promoted and enhanced. For this reason we strongly suggest the possibility of making this choice. Whoever speaks to you is not a vegetarian, but has understood that choosing (as far as possible) this type of diet very often can only prove to be an added value. For what reasons? To prevent pathologies, for a lifestyle that is attentive and focused on the quality of food, for the line, because the world of work increasingly leads us to eat in restaurants in a fast and wrong way and, finally, because vegetarian nutrition is a rich (according to doctors) nutritional scheme without contraindications. We invite you, therefore, to try one of the restaurants listed in this guide and we are ready to bet that eating vegetarian will no longer remind you of that “seedy” salad!

To conclude. Schematic summary, with telephone number, of the vegetarian restaurants (reviewed) of:

  • Giovinda - Via Valpetrosa, 5 - 02/3450670

  • To eat - Via Parigi, 19 (Mi) - 02/9987211

  • Macrobiotic Center your village - Via Larga, 7 - 02/58307416

  • Coco’s - Via San Prospero, 4 - 02/4583253

  • A light world - Via Pacini, 39 - 02/70608496

  • At the old dairy - Via Unione, 6 - 02/8744401

  • The Sunflower - Via Cesariano, 14 - 02/3450670

  • Biobar Botanical Center - Piazza San Marco, 1 - 02/29013254

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