Mini apple plumcake (vegan recipe)

Here are some really easy treats to make. THE mini apple plumcake they are suitable for breakfast, for a snack or as a dessert. They will be able to replace the classic packaged snacks with the advantage of knowing perfectly the ingredients with which they were prepared.

The advice is to choose organic ingredients as much as possible. Here is our recipe.


200 gr of wholemeal spelled flour
250 ml of water or vegetable milk
80 grams of whole cane sugar or agave syrup
50 gr of rice flour
50 ml of extra virgin olive oil
1 large apple
½ sachet of organic baking powder
½ teaspoon of vanilla bean powder


With the ingredients shown you will get approx 12 mini apple plum cakes (depending on the size of the molds). For the preparation I recommend simply using water or a vegetable milk of your choice between rice, almond or oat milk, for their delicate taste.

Those who believe that extra virgin olive oil has a too strong taste for sweets, can replace it with rice oil. For what concern natural sweetener, choose between brown sugar and agave syrup (alternatively, adjust according to what you have available and your tastes, for example maple syrup or rice malt are also good).

In a large bowl pour the spelled flour, rice flour, vanilla powder and mix. Wash and peel the apple and slice it into cubes. In the bowl with the flours, add the brown sugar or agave syrup (or other natural sweetener of your choice).

Add the liquid ingredients a little bit (oil, water or vegetable milk) and mix everything with a spoon, vigorously, to prevent lumps from forming. L'dough it must be creamy and homogeneous. Finally add the baking powder, mix again, pour in the apple pieces and mix again.

Mini apple plumcake (vegan recipe)

Distribute the dough in the mini plumcake molds (you can find them in home improvement stores, supermarkets or online) filling them for ¾) after having brushed them with a little oil. Bake the mini apple plumcakes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 25 minutes. They must be golden but still soft when you take them out of the oven. Enjoy your meal!

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