Light Monday: a full day without chewing

    Light Monday: a full day without chewing

    Once or twice a month (but no more) you can try the detox remedy loved by stars like Miranda Kerr and Gwynteh Paltrow: Is the no-chew day, in which, that is, none of the foods you consume need to be chewed.

    With this program, in addition to purifying the body of waste and toxins, you fill up with antioxidants, hydrate yourself, regain strength, deflate and dispose of excess weight.

    «In practice, in the 24 hours you ingest only liquid or pureed foods. In this way you give the digestive system a respite and allow the liver and intestines to devote themselves only to cleansing the body », explains , nutrition biologist in Livorno, Volterra and Turin.

    The menu is mainly based on vegetables, but does not exclude animal foods: «For example, raw egg yolk is ok because it does not engage digestion and provides the body with essential nutrients to face the day without loss of energy. Accompany it with a sprinkling of turmeric, which promotes detoxification », concludes the expert.


    Upon awakening

    1 glass of warm water with the juice of 1 lemon


    1 plain white yogurt with 1 mashed banana


    1 ginger tea (40 g of fresh root in 200 ml of water)


    1 plate of celery and carrot soup (1 celery stick and 3 carrots) + 1 apple and kiwi extract


    1 seasonal fruit juice


    1 plate of zucchini soup + 1 raw egg yolk

    The rules to follow

    • During the day, drink at least ten glasses of water at room temperature.

    • If you are planning an evening session at the gym, add a spoonful of chia seeds smoothies to the afternoon juice: they are rich in protein.

    • You can replace the egg yolk in the evening with 100 g of turkey breast blended with the vegetable broth.

    • Do not use salt: it prevents deep detoxification and drainage of excess fluids. Instead, it focuses on spices, for example chilli, which is also a metabolic accelerator.

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