Supplements that help you lose weight

The strategy for losing those annoying ones extra pounds that round the silhouette? Reduce calories and exercise. To speed up the results, however, you can also add a supplement feed. Find out what they are and how they work "weight loss" plants best known. Before hiring a supplement however, always consult with your doctor: some proposed “helpers” may have contraindications.

Never overdo the cuts

Cutting calories is a vital way to lose weight, but don't overdo the cuts. If you reduce to the bone what you put on your plate there is the risk of losing mainly water and lean mass, leaving the adipose tissue unaltered.

The secret: "Lose weight slowly (half a kilo per week), always following a varied and balanced diet », explains the integrated medicine expert .

Browse the gallery to find out how the most common weight loss plants work.


«Contains curcumin, powerful anti-inflammatory capable of blocking some hormones (resistin and visfatin) that cause fat to be a source of inflammation and that inflammation favors the accumulation of fat ", explains Dr. , professor of integrated medicine at the University of Siena and Pavia.

"The turmeric intervenes by breaking this vicious circle and reactivating the metabolism. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of adiponectin, a hormone that facilitates the elimination of fats and reduces the absorption of sugars ».

Indicated when the extra pounds are located on the abdomen, the turmeric is often associated with black pepper which, rich in piperine, facilitates the absorption of the spice and enhances its effects. Doses: 1,5 g of turmeric per day, combined with 15 mg of piperine.

Green tea 

It is full of methylxanthines, antioxidants that ensure a greater sense of satiety, thus decreasing the risk of giving in to the desire for snacks, between meals. "In addition, it stimulates thermogenesis, the elimination of adipose tissue through the production of heat," says Dr. .

"In supplements, green tea is often associated withbitter orange, which contains synephrine (titrated to 6%). It is a substance capable of reducing appetite and "excite" the metabolism, thus further increasing the energy consumption at rest ».

Doses: 80-100 mg per day of dry extract titrated to 40% in catechins.


Rich in caffeine and theobromine, this plant facilitates the fat breakdown process and has a light anorectic action. Not only that: «It also stimulates the diuresis favoring the elimination of excess fluids, a feature that makes it ideal if weight gain is associated with water retention », points out the expert.

Finally, the mate offers a tonic and stimulating action useful to better deal with physical fatigue. Precisely for this reason it is particularly suitable for people sedentary who need to start exercising to lose weight.

Doses: 2-3 g of powdered matè per day, to be taken with a large glass of water.

Moringa oleifera

“It's a plant of the Ayurvedic medicine rich in antioxidants e chlorogenic acid, substance that reduces fat absorption and it helps to burn even more, especially around the waist », explains the expert.

"Furthermore, it limits intestinal absorption of carbohydrates and boasts diuretic and purifying properties that optimize the effects of the diet, because they fight abdominal swelling and water retention ».

Doses: 400 mg of dry extract titrated to 40% in chlorogenic acid per day.


«It is a fiber extracted from the tuber of an Asian plant (the Konjac) which, once ingested, increases its volume up to 100 times, creating a thin jelly that relaxes the stomach and increases the sense of satiety.

For this it is ideal above all for those suffering from nervous hunger attacks»Explains Bardaro. «Furthermore, it manages to incorporate a part of fats and sugars, preventing their absorption».

Doses: 1 to 4 g per day with a large glass of water, half an hour before a meal.

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