"I'm staying at home": how to organize the shopping

Online shopping: supermarkets, apps and deliveries

A valid alternative to traditional shopping that requires us to leave the house is the online version: there are many companies and large-scale distribution chains who in this period have adapted to the increased need, dedicating a large part of their energies to the effectiveness of this service.

It is advisable to consult the websites of the supermarkets to verify the inevitable long delays in deliveries.

Or turn to apps like Glovo for the purchase of basic necessities products (food or medicines): it is necessary to consult the list of partner shops in your city on the website or on the App. A bicycle courier will reach you at your home with the provisions purchased.


Classic shopping: guidelines and waiting times

If you have to physically go to the supermarket, you must follow some indications provided by the Ministry of Health: it is possible to do the shopping with special gloves which will then be carefully thrown into the undifferentiated.

Is critical keep the distance of at least 1 meter from each other; it is necessary wash fruits and vegetables, once back home, especially if you want to eat them fresh.

There are many lines outside the main supermarkets: staggered entrances inevitably make the procedure longer.

Per verificare lo stato della eventuale fila an application was born, to be updated once pending, to render a service to all those who are considering shopping, just like you: it is wellnessquad.com


Choose foods wisely

Both in the case of online and classic shopping, the food choices to be done must still be well thought out, to avoid food waste or accumulation.

It will therefore be appropriate to create a shopping list, structured by type of food (vegetables, fruit, pasta and rice, fish, meat, canned goods etc.): if you physically go to the supermarket it will be useful to follow the order of the various departments.

Any mask and gloves risk making us less relaxed in our movements

The idea of follow a weekly menu and based on the latter, have an idea about the quantities of food to buy.

Now more than ever it is the choice of key foods of the Mediterranean Diet is recommended with particular reference to vegetables, fruit, fish, legumes, whole grains.

Among the vegetables and fruits that keep longer we find: carrots, broccoli, onions, celery, apples and citrus fruits.

For those not mentioned, place them in the refrigerator and take a look at them from time to time, to make sure they are not "bruising".

Fish, the meat e legumes they can be purchased fresh in larger quantities, and then frozen in single portions according to your needs: meat, salmon steaks, legume soups can be safely frozen without losing their nutritional properties.

Finally, let's not forget about dried fruit, an excellent source of nutrients especially polyunsaturated fats, and spices (parsley, fennel seeds, coriander, basil etc.) valid allies to counteract the excessive consumption of salt.


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