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How to win a man back in 7 days?

In this article we will talk about the famous book "How to Get Your Man Back in Just 7 Days" by John Alexander.

Sold in digital version on the Clickbank platform, and now translated into several languages, it represents a real classic on the psychology of relationships and on winning back a partner.

It is certainly one of the most popular ebooks in the world on the subject, which is why I decided to read it and write a review. But first of all, who is John Alexander?

Graduated in psychology in the United States and always an attentive scholar of seduction and emotional relationships, John Alexander made his debut in 2005 with the book How To Become A Dominant Male, addressed to a male audience and considered by many to be a masterpiece of personal growth.

How to win a man back in 7 days: review

How to get your man back in just 7 days in my opinion is a practical guide, which goes straight to the point, without mincing words. From the very first pages he takes you by the hand and walks you through a well studied path that you will have to follow to win your man back.

The author outlines a 4-part system, which you will need to follow faithfully to achieve your goal. Let's see them together:

1. Introduction to the system and first step

In this part John Alexander tells you his story briefly, explains why he can help you and then gives you the "first agenda", that is to send a letter to your ex and then close any form of contact with him for a while.

The letter technique, which I have talked about in depth in this article, is in my opinion truly brilliant. It allows you to intrigue the ex, overturn the psychological dynamics between the two of you and trigger the first lever in him which will then lead him to want to get back together with you.

2. Myths, mistakes and successes of relationships

In the second part of the book we enter into the merits of the various reasons why the couple's relationships end. The author analyzes the main mistakes women make before the end of a relationship, and also immediately after.

This part of the book contains a profound psychological analysis of the dynamics of couple relationships, and will definitively allow you to understand what keeps a man's interest alive in a relationship, and what instead leads him to distance himself.

3. The keys to your new self

In the third part of the book, the author guides you step by step through a wonderful path of personal improvement and growth. It will help you to overcome the most intense phase of pain, thanks also to several techniques that I have found very useful. He will also explain what to do to take back your life and regain happiness and emotional stability, fundamental prerequisites for being able to re-attract your ex.

4. The process of reconnect

In the fourth and final part of the book, John Alexander analyzes in detail what to do to reconnect, meet and attract your ex again, so that he falls at your feet. If you have followed all the advice contained in the first 3 parts of the book, the fourth will be very simple and everything will come in a very natural way.

It's also possible that you don't even need this fourth part, as sometimes the curiosity you'll be able to arouse through the letter and through the other parts of the book will be enough to get your ex back effortlessly.

To conclude, the author gives you his best advice on how to make the relationship continue to work even after you win it back. You will learn how to hold on to him and how to keep his attraction to you high.

How to get an ex back in 7 days: opinions

I did a short research and found several testimonials related to those who have already read John Alexander's book How to Get Your Man Back in Just 7 Days. I'll list them for you below, so you don't have to rely on my opinion alone:

I found it very useful. It especially helps in the part of restoring self-esteem with psychological exercises which in my case worked quite well. All in all a good book. - Marta

Useful to regain self-confidence and to understand what to avoid doing in certain situations. I didn't follow it to the letter but it helped me. - Roberta

Interesting and engaging. If followed in detail, excellent lessons are obtained for increasing personal self-esteem and advice not only for groped the "reconquest", but also to hold on to your man. It does not get lost in useless chatter and there is a basis of psychology. - Alessia

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