Grape juice, properties and benefits

Grape juice, properties and benefits

Grape juice is a completely natural drink, refreshing and refreshing with many beneficial properties for health.

Grape juice is obviously obtained from grape berries usually dark red in color but white or pink grapes can also be used.

The flavor differs slightly by being sweeter for the white varieties even if some red grapes also have a fairly high sugar value.

Unlike wine, this grape juice drink has no alcohol and contains all the precious nutrients of the grape.

These nutrients and the active ingredients of grapes are very interesting to be analyzed and some research has shown that grape juice is the drink most similar to the composition of breast milk for us humans.

In fact it contains the same percentage of water, proteins, sugars and fats in addition to having mineral salts such as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and many vitamins such as A, C and many of the B group.

This similarity may therefore suggest a use of grape juice as a substitute for cow's milk which already after weaning can be an all-vegetable alternative. A grape-based drink that avoids lactose intolerant problems or allergies and can also be chosen by those who have a 100% vegan diet.


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Grape juice is one of the best antioxidants thanks to the presence of resveratrol which is a chemical compound belonging to the polyphenolic family. Resvelatrol is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and also helps keep blood cholesterol in balance.

Grape juice is rich in this substance and in fact if drunk regularly it helps to keep the body young and in full health.

Grape juice is also rich in anthocyanins and other substances with anti-aging power which together manage to fight the free radicals responsible for cellular aging.



Grape juice is an excellent help to purify our body thanks to a stimulating action on liver function.

The liver must continuously work and grape juice helps detoxify the body from waste substances.

These elements like toxins and waste substances come from bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and also from an unhealthy diet. Thanks to the liver, the body has to eliminate these substances and grape juice is an excellent drainage of the blood and helps to expel harmful substances.

The purifying and draining action is also excellent for counteracting water retention problems. Tipici especially for women. Finally, the flavonoids present in grape juice help the epidermis to produce more collagen, thus obtaining an effect of better tone of the skin tissue with a more beautiful and luminous skin.



Grape juice drunk between meals helps to activate the metabolism therefore it is useful for the correct assimilation of nutrients but also for people who have weight problems because it helps to speed up the basal metabolism.

It also appeases hunger if the grape juice is drunk during the day giving at the same time many vitamins, mineral salts and a lot of hydrating water for the body.

This grape-based drink is also an excellent energizer useful when we have to make physical and mental efforts whether it is to prepare for an exam, do a training or sports competition or in the period of gestation and breastfeeding.


Intestinal regulator

Furthermore helps regulate intestinal function counteracting even more chronic constipation problems as in the case of irritable bowel syndrome.

Grape juice is able to help the proliferation of good intestinal bacterial flora, facilitating its functionality and thus obtaining a valuable rebalancing effect on intestinal function. Constipation problems will therefore only be a bad memory by regularly drinking a glass of grape juice a day.


Anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating

Grape juice is even capable of helping in case of inflammatory states.

Grape juice helps to relieve inflammation whether the inflammation is of viral origin or an inflammatory state of another origin however this drink allows an aid to resolve in these situations of inflammation such as when we have the flu with fever or respiratory tract congestion.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory action in grape juice we also find an immunostimulating action which helps both the immune system but in particular beneficial effects have been found to counteract some cancers. In fact, grape juice helps to slow down the proliferation of cancer cells, especially in cases of breast cancer.


Help for the brain and blood

Grape juice is a real panacea for the whole body including the brain and circulatory system. In fact it is useful to ours brain thanks to its effect of improving memory abilities and also manages to reduce the risk of cerebral infarction.

In more it acts as a protective vessel of blood vessels and has an excellent favorable action on the cardio-vascular system given by the lycopene present in grapes.

Grape juice is thus a drink that acts at 360 degrees for the entire well-being of our body from the brain to the blood, from the liver to the intestine, from cases of inflammation to the energizing and tonic effect. Drinking at least a glass of grape juice between meals will certainly have excellent benefits on our body.


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