Grandparents: a treasure for the whole family

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Grandparents: a treasure for the whole family

Last update: 14 September, 2022

Have you ever stopped to think about the weight of grandparents in many families? They are always present figures and their contribution is objectively unparalleled. In this sense, the benefits grandparents offer to grandchildren and children go far beyond what we are able to recognize.

In fact, they don't just play a vital role in the family. It is the company itself that benefits from the participation of grandparents and from the bonds that are created and consolidated thanks to them ... In today's article we will deepen this topic.

 "We should all have access to grandparents and grandchildren to be able to define ourselves as complete human beings"

-Margaret Mead-

Grandparents: psychological benefits for children

Not many years ago, the rule was for fathers to dedicate themselves to working outside the home while mothers took care of the house. Fortunately, the roles have changed nowadays, and both parents are equally involved in the world of work as in the domestic one.

Exactly for this reason, it often happens that the amount of time that both devote to their children does not come close to that which their mothers devoted to them in the past. In these cases, very often the grandparents lend a hand and stay with the grandchildren at times when none of the parents are available. It is undoubtedly the solution most loved by mothers and fathers, who could not find more reliable babysitters.

In addition to being a trusted reference for parents, grandparents can prove to be a source of wisdom and experience especially as regards doubts about the education to be given to children; they are also able to empathize with their grandchildren and their daily difficulties, as well as mediate when conflicts arise within the family unit.

 "Grandparents, as heroes, are as necessary to the growth of the child as vitamins".

-Joyce Allston-

Grandparents: benefits for grandchildren

As grandchildren, those of us who have enjoyed the company of grandparents are aware of the mark they have left. It is not just a subjective sensation, on the contrary there is an objective and concrete confirmation. Since they don't have to be strict with rules and limits like parents, the time grandparents spend with their grandchildren is all about having fun.

This way, when grandparents are around, grandchildren receive the two most valuable gifts for their growth: attention and time. They feel comfortable and listened to, they enjoy spending time with people they love and who love them. On the other hand, the relationship with grandparents reinforces values ​​such as respect and consideration of experience.

But the benefits don't end with childhood. It has been shown that adults who as children were able to enjoy their grandparents develop stronger and more adaptable social and emotional skills. This allows them to create better emotional bonds and to have a healthier and happier social life.

"Probably two of the most satisfying experiences in life are being a grandson or being a grandfather."

-Donald A. Norberg-

Psychological benefits for grandparents

Not only grandchildren and parents enjoy this special relationship, but grandparents themselves as well. Thanks to this role, in fact, they manage to feel useful, valued and busy, greatly increasing one's self-esteem compared to older people who have no grandchildren or who cannot see them.

Just like grandchildren, grandparents also feel welcomed and listened to, since the little ones tend to show an interest in stories that grandparents tell. This is how family ties are strengthened.

Lhe relationship with their grandchildren also pushes grandparents to find motivation to learn new things and to use new technologies. In other words, they have the incentive to keep up with the times. As we have said, grandparents are a unique and precious asset that benefits all family members… Let's not waste time with them!

Images courtesy of Lotte Meijer, William Stitt and Cristian Newman.

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