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“Don't feel guilty if you let yourself go at Christmas and ate more than expected,” says our dietician. "And, above all, do not give up the magic of the holidays by requiring yourself, from now on, not to touch anything greedy. The best choice is to return to healthy menus, but without sacrifices».

Our team Free Diet, helmed by the doctor Carla Lertola, he developed one weekly schedule in which there are some delicacies. 

The chief biologist Maria Paola Dall'Erta has in fact thought of miniquiche with gorgonzola and pears and a cream of yogurt and honey with fruit and ladyfingers to gratify you a little more at the table.

“We have reported the total of Calories within the usual limits, paying close attention to the choice of recipes»Explains the dietician Camilla Zambelli. «A pinch of imagination was enough to combine simple ingredients and obtain delicious dishes". To be enjoyed, even in company.

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