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The "abundant" waistline is often not only an aesthetic problem but also a risk factor for our health.

What to do to dispose of the extra kg?

How to set up a correct diet?


Starting a diet is all in all simple, the problem is to complete it successfully. The desire to quickly reach the set goals, without having first built a healthy food culture, often frustrates the efforts of those who decide to lose a few pounds.

Losing weight well and in health is not easy, especially for those people who for years have combined an incorrect diet with a sedentary or semi-sedentary lifestyle. For all these subjects struggling with last-minute diets, creams and various supplements, the hopes of defeating superfluous fat with the food diet alone are extremely low. Leaving aside the use of cosmetic surgery, the only effective solution is to combine a balanced diet with a regular program of physical activity.

Only in this way will it be possible to accelerate the body's metabolism by transforming the body into a real fat burning machine.

Our Tips

Let's now see some useful tips to get back in shape:


  1. calculate your ideal weight and the calories needed to reach it with our automatic calculation module
  2. read carefully our Food tips and "tricks" to give your metabolism a boost
  3. consult our dietary examples without forgetting that before starting a new diet it is a good rule to consult a doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist:

Physical Activity

  1. If you are wondering what is the best sport to lose weight, you must know that there is no better activity than the others, the important thing is to move. If you want to find out the calorie consumption of the various sports you can once again refer to our automatic calculation modules.
  2. However, it is important that physical activity is regular (AT LEAST forty minutes a day three to four times a week). In this way the density of the capillary bed will increase, the mitochondria will become more effective and the muscles more voluminous and "hungry" for calories.
    By combining all this with a balanced diet like those proposed, the result is guaranteed!
  3. You can also try to Follow Our Video Workouts for Weight Loss, to train at home while burning calories:
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    • Effective bodyweight exercises to slim your legs and lose weight
    • Cardio Routine to Lose Weight in 10 Minutes
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Questions and answers

What does diet mean?

Diet is a term of Greek and Latin derivation which means "lifestyle". In our culture, the diet corresponds to an overall diet, whatever it is

Who invented the Mediterranean diet?

The first to talk about the Mediterranean diet was Ancel Keys. The American physiologist studied the benefits of feeding the population of the south of your country, based on poor foods and unsaturated vegetable fats.

What to eat for a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is based on VII basic food groups: meat, fish, eggs; milk and derivatives; cereals and derivatives, tubers; legumes; seasoning fats and oils; vegetables and fruit sources of vitamin A and C

What does a healthy and balanced diet mean?

The definition of balanced nutrition is complex. This must include all food sources of essential nutrients, but also other nutrients and nutritional factors that are still necessary

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