Excess of vitamin B: symptoms, causes, nutrition

Excess of vitamin B, although rare, it can cause mood and skin imbalances. Let's find out what are the symptoms, causes and nutrition to treat it.

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Excess vitamin B can result from overuse of supplements


Symptoms of Vitamin B Excess

- excesses of vitamin B they are eliminated in the urine. In reality it is very difficult to go towards excesses in this sense. Nevertheless, very rare cases of overdose can occur. Symptoms of a excess of vitamin B1 are the appearance of tremors, swelling, unmotivated nervousness, rapid heartbeat and allergic reactions.

If an excess of vitamin B12 has been found in the blood, the correct functioning of the kidneys could be affected: the risks of toxicity are possible but at very high doses. Instead, there are no cases of toxicity or symptoms due to the effects of an excess of vitamins B1 or B2.

La niacin, or vitamin B3, in excess could cause liver damage and hypotension, dermatitis and itching. While an excess of vitamin B6 could damage the peripheral nervous system.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid has no toxicity, but an excess of it could cause a vitamin B12 deficiency. 


The causes of excess vitamin B

Having excess B vitamins is virtually impossible through nutrition. Even more unlikely is an intoxication from excess of B vitamins. Since these vitamins are water-soluble, any excess resulting from food or a abuse of supplements it is usually eliminated through the kidneys, without causing accumulations which are harmful to the organism.

In cases of kidney disease or failure, however, related disorders and symptoms may occur, especially with regard to vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. 


Excess of vitamin B and nutrition

To cope with an unlikely excess of vitamin B, it is important to correct the diet immediately. First of all it should avoid those foods of animal origin, such as pork, offal, fish, ham, eggs and dairy products, which contain the largest quantities.

Minor quantities are also present in vegetables. To avoid, in case of excess of vitamin B12, for example, soy, legumes, asparagus, wheat germ. You have to drink a lot and do physical activity to favor its elimination through urine and sweat.


The importance of vitamin B in the child's diet


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