Does slimming band work? | Is it useful to lose weight?

Does slimming band work? | Is it useful to lose weight?

By the healthiergang writer , certified personal trainer and athlete ().

Slimming Band 

Losing weight and toning the hips and waistline are a common desire for women and men, and to achieve this goal, specific products are placed on the market that should meet the required requirements, such as abdominal bands, waistbands, slimming leggings of various lengths, types and different materials, more or less technological and in price ranges suitable for all budgets.

We use the conditional because on first use, as witnessed by those who have actually worn them for a certain period of time, they 'seem' to solve specific problems such as drainage of liquids, with a consequent toning of the tissues of the abdominal part.

Today we are therefore going to analyze the product more closely, consequently also focusing on the "weight loss" obtained through the development of heat, and then draw the appropriate and appropriate conclusions on the matter.

What is it about?

  • The "basic" type it is generally made of elastic material such as nylon and, more recently, neoprene (the most modern hypoallergenic one is called neotex), with the aid of an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for any size, and which can generally be worn by wrapping the abdominal area not only if a targeted workout is carried out in the gym, but also regularly under clothing; in this it is versatile and comfortable if you want to wear it "passively", that is, using the heat developed by the material with which it is used in contact with the body, without however assisting it with specific or generic workouts


  • Vibrant waist: it works as a vibrator, it consists of an electric device capable of producing vibrations transmitted to the part to be massaged through the appropriate band


  • Dual shaper: currently one of the most popular, is a slimming band equipped with an electric device (therefore not battery operated) with electrostimulatory contacts. They stimulate the abdominal muscles through contractions in a sort of passive "crunch". Also exists with vibration function (dual)


  • Vibro sauna: like the vibrating belt but which, in addition to vibrating, gives the possibility to independently regulate the temperature of the belt, further facilitating the heating process of the treated area (sauna function)


The manufacturers claim that the slimming band removes localized fat on the belly and tones the abdominal muscles is based on the assumption that the elastic material of which the band is made, combined with the work of contraction or vibration (depending on the models), increase the body temperature in the affected area, thus going to raise the metabolic rate of the abdominal area and consequently to burn fat.

Not only that: each model, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the circumference, can also be applied in other areas of the body, such as in the lumbar area where the massage and the heat developed helps to relax the back muscles, but also on the buttocks and thighs. to obtain a localized slimming also in other parts of the body considered critical and difficult to slim and tone.


Does the slimming band work?

First of all, let's reflect on the fact that we hear from many quarters that sweat is a sign of weight loss: in fact, it often happens to see people training under the scorching sun, at very hot times, or wearing sweatshirts, overalls, clothing suitable for sweating, precisely because it starts from the belief that sweating and weight loss are closely related.

This assumption has even been developed in recent years in the United States, where the concept of fitness in overheated environments, up to forty degrees, is becoming more and more widespread, to reproduce the sauna effect in training and speed up weight loss. Hence yoga, pilates, spinning, cardio fitness classes in very hot environments, the goal: to lose fluids and burn fat.

But does losing fluids really mean losing weight and losing fat? The answer could be yes, but it would be a half correct answer, let's see why.


Losing Liquids

It should be remembered that our body is mostly composed of water, our fabrics contain large quantities of it (about 60-70%).

Losing liquids, it is true, favors a decrease in body weight, but only to the detriment of the dehydrated muscle tissues; so what we reduce with dehydration is only lean mass. In cases of overweight what, on the other hand, it is necessary to reduce is the fat mass, poor tissue of water, contrary to what one might think.

Sweating in large quantities therefore does not cause any decrease in fat, but only in water and mineral salts; in this way, however, it is possible to reduce, for example, sports performance (if you lose water corresponding to 2% of body weight, the reduction in physical condition will even be 20%).

Weight certainly drops if water is removed from our body, but this situation is temporary: our body will tend to make up for this loss by retaining all the liquids that will subsequently be introduced again, for example with food.

Our body always balances its water content, which is why using tools that take advantage of sweating for weight loss will only temporarily help solve the problem of reducing body weight.

To lose kilos definitively, we repeat, it is necessary to act on the adipose tissue, which is not reduced or eliminated with sweat or the loss of liquids, but with a dietary restriction corresponding to about 800 calories a day; just think that fat is an energy reserve of our organism and that 1 kilo of excess body fat corresponds to about 7000 calories.

It is then necessary to combine a constant and regular physical training with a careful and controlled dietary regimen under the caloric profile.


Please note:

The two things must be combined, but without excess: if you reduce your caloric requirement by 800 calories a day, in 10 days you will lose 1 kilo; a caloric reduction higher than this would be counterproductive, as it would also be to insert training sessions that are too intense, especially if you are not particularly trained.

Both things must be combined and conjugated with gradualness and method, followed constantly and patiently, and you will see that the results achieved will be definitive.



The tone of the tissues is real and so is the loss of a few centimeters after constant use: however, consider what has been said previously, namely that this depends on the momentary loss of liquids through heat and sweating and that it is a phenomenon temporary, absolutely reversible, if not associated with a low-calorie diet and targeted and constant physical activity.

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