Wide Hips Men | The Best Exercises To Eliminate Them

By the healthiergang writer , student in Physiotherapy.

Wide Hips Man

The hips are an area that tends to accumulate fat before all others.

In particular, in males, the areas where the adipose tissue is most stubborn are the belly, hips and especially the lumbar area.

Even at a fat percentage of less than 8% there is some accumulation of fat in the hips and lower back.

The width of your hips is to a certain extent determined by the size and peculiarities of the pelvis bones.

If you have a pelvis that is naturally a little bigger than normal you can't do anything about it, the only factor you can work on is the amount of fat that covers the hips.

This is generally not the case with men. In fact, man has a basin whose shape is not necessarily large. In women, on the other hand, the pelvis is larger as it is predisposed to pregnancy and therefore to accommodate a child.

This is not the case with the male. In almost all cases, the broad hips are covered with a thick layer of fat.

Eliminating that and training the oblique muscles results in a narrower and more aesthetic pelvis. Therefore, the solution to the problem of wide hips is to adopt the correct dietary strategies to reduce fat mass and to train the abdominal and lumbar area to develop and define the muscles more.

Squats, Deadlifts & Obliques

It is often said that doing squats and deadlifts leads to an enlarged pelvis.

This hypothesis has no basis other than that these two exercises tend to develop large muscle masses in the buttocks and thighs.

This is true, a muscle responds to one it is subjected to. Therefore, by increasing the loads that can be lifted, the muscle responds with hypertrophy.

There may come a certain time when a man does not want to add muscle volume to his buttocks from an aesthetic point of view.

You can switch to the front squat which trains the quadriceps more while for the deadlift simply do not continue to increase the load and focus more on a slightly higher repetition spectrum.

But all this has nothing to do with the width of your hips. The development of the oblique abdominals leads to a (slightly) widening of the hips.

In fact, this muscle occupies the lateral area of ​​the abdomen and its hypertrophy also leads to enlargement of the hips.

This is not to be considered anything traumatic, in fact the developed and defined obliques have a good aesthetic result, even better than a sculpted and defined rectus abdominis (although generally they are two factors that occur at the same time).


The training in this case will be developed to strengthen the lumbar and abdominal muscles. Therefore, you will insert deadlifts, hyper extensions and reverse hyper extensions in your routine.

1. Deadlifts

The deadlift is by far the best exercise to train the lower back and the entire posterior kinetic chain. The benefits of this exercise are not only these but considering the goal these are the ones that need to be mentioned.

Another important element is that the deadlifts allow a very high work which results in a high energy expenditure, a good ally if the goal is to lose fat.

2.Hyper Extensions

Hyper extensions work more dynamically and with higher repetitions the lower back. So the result will be greater muscle definition (as long as you have a low percentage of fat).

Reverse hyper-extensions are an analog of hyper-extensions, except that in this exercise it is the torso that stands still and the lower body moves.

3. Leg raise

For abdominal muscle training the keywords are training quality and frequency.

Prefer exercises of higher intensity and moderate repetitions (10-12) and with perfect execution rather than exercises in which you can do 50 or more repetitions. For example, rather than doing an oblique crunch on the ground, it is better to do an oblique leg raise on the bar.

It is an exercise that stimulates the muscle more and is certainly more interesting to do than 50 or more repetitions of the same banal movement. There is also a lower risk of developing incorrect spinal curvatures.

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