Diet for cholesterol: what to eat and what to avoid

Diet against cholesterol it must be low in animal fats, sugars and calories and always associated with physical activity. Let's find out better.

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Legumes among the foods useful against high cholesterol


Causes and Risk Factors of High Cholesterol

Il high cholesterol is, along with obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cigarette smoking, one of the major cardiovascular risk factors.

Keeping cholesterol values ​​within normal limits is therefore an important health issue. THE cardiovascular risk factors synergizing each other, this means that when more of them are present, the risk of morbidity and mortality related to cardiovascular events increases exponentially.

That's why we need to intervene, with the right prevention and with the right measures.
Those with high cholesterol should be careful about:

  • Keep the triglyces in the normal range
  • Keep blood pressure within normal limits
  • Not smoking
  • Maintain an adequate body weight, avoiding overweight and obesity, in particular the so-called "central" obesity
  • Keep your blood sugar under control
  • Exercise regularly
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet


Nutrition against high cholesterol

THEdiet for high cholesterol it must first of all be low in fats of animal origin. Furthermore, one must not exceed with the intake of calories and sugars.
The rules of proper nutrition for those with high cholesterol can be summarized as follows:

  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day
  • Consume at least two servings a day of seasonal vegetables, cooked in a simple and lightly seasoned way;
  • Include two or three servings of fresh fruit of the season, but paying attention to fruits that are too sugary, such as bananas, tangerines, figs, grapes ...
  • Consume many vegetable, of all kinds.
  • Vary often cereals, not exceeding in quantities. Pasta is fine, as long as it is seasoned in a simple way; for example with tomatoes fresh and basil. Bread is fine too, if it is simple and unseasoned.
  • Avoid ready meals, often too rich in salt and fatty seasonings.
  • Use the'olive oil as the only fatty condiment.
  • Make extensive use of aromatic herbs and spices, to give more flavor to dishes without increasing the calories.
  • And the desserts? Homemade ones are better, following simple and low-calorie recipes. If you are used to consuming packaged baked goods, avoid those that contain more than 16 grams of fat per 100 grams of product.
  • Prefer those low cholesterol cereals, such as kamut, also suitable for hypercholesterolemics.


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In 'diet against high cholesterol meats should be avoided, especially red ones, sausages, eggs, cheeses, especially those that are more fatty or seasoned. Those who really do not have a vegetarian vocation should prefer white meats and blue fish.

Instead, the use of white beans, which contain lecithin, is useful. The presence of this phospholipid which favors the emulsion of fats avoiding their accumulation in the blood, makes white beans a suitable food for the prevention of hypercholesterolemia (excess cholesterol in the blood). 

To save yourself from high cholesterol it is also important to be careful type of cooking. Proper nutrition should contain mostly steamed, baked and broiled foods, and almost banish frying.


Did you know that

Diet against high cholesterol must necessarily be combined with aaerobic physical activity, to be carried out regularly, at least three times a week.

The ideal duration and type of the single workout depend on the age and health condition of the person suffering from high cholesterol. For example, a man or woman in good health and between the ages of 30 and 40 will be able to devote themselves to 20/30 minutes of running, while a man of 60 will prefer brisk walks lasting about 30 minutes. .



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