Diet against colitis

With the term colitis it indicates, in a generic way, a disorder, often of an inflammatory type, which can affect the whole colon or just a part of it.

Let's see how to fight it in its various forms


Colitis in its various forms

There are many forms of colitis. There are primary colitis and secondary colitis, that is, due to an external cause. There are also acute colitis and chronic colitis.

La acute colitis it can have an infectious (viral, bacterial, parasitic) or pharmacological origin (often laxatives or antibiotics); it can also be the consequence of some therapies (for example radiotherapy) or of ischemia.

La chronic colitis most of the time it has an unknown cause and occurs mainly in the context of some inflammatory diseases affecting the intestinal system.

The most common form of colitis is the one known as irritable bowel syndrome. It is not a serious condition, but it is very annoying. In this article, we will describe the eating styles that can help fight this form of colitis.

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The rules of nutrition against colitis

The symptoms of colitis, understood as irritable bowel syndrome, are quite varied. The most common are abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea.

Often constipation and diarrhea alternate and, therefore, the person suffering from this form of colitis tends to almost never have a regular intestinal transit. Proper food hygiene helps fight colitis.

THEdiet against colitis requires compliance with some simple rules.

  • Regular meals. So five meals a day, with no out-of-meals.
  • Time. Avoid consuming food too quickly by eating slowly and enjoying your meal.
  • Drastic reduction in consumption of coffee and alcohol. We speak of reduction and not of complete abolition for two reasons. The first is that the effectiveness of their complete abolition has not yet been scientifically proven; the second is that, for those accustomed to a regular consumption of coffee, but also of wine and beer during meals, the attempt at abolition could cause emotional stress. Stress and emotional factors, along with anxiety, are among the most common triggers of irritable bowel syndrome, which is why it is recommended to reduce, but not necessarily abolish.
  • Evaluate the possibility that the disturbance is caused by afood intolerance. In fact, there can be an intolerance at the base of colitis. It may therefore happen that we notice the correlation between the consumption of a food and the appearance of symptoms. In those cases it is advisable to make some attempts, trying to eliminate the offending food. However, it is necessary to be careful not to reach excessive dietary restrictions. It is also absolutely advisable not to act on your own initiative and to speak to a specialist.
  • Diet against colitis provides for an adequate consumption of dietary fibers, accompanied by a fair intake of liquids. It is often mistakenly believed that fibers are useful only in case of constipation, but this is not the case. The fibers, in fact, can increase the consistency of the stool and therefore be useful even when there is diarrhea. 
  • The consumption of overly elaborate dishes and foods rich in animal fats.


Lactic ferments to fight colitis


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