Healing properties of blueberries

Healing properties of blueberries

I blueberries are the fruits of the plant known by the scientific name of Vaccinium myrtillus of the ericaceae family.

The blueberry grows up to 60 centimeters in a shrubby shape and loves humus-rich mountain environments. In the country we find it grow spontaneously in the areas of Alps and Apennines and its flowering begins in spring and then bears fruit from the month of August.

There are various species and varieties of blueberries with berries ranging from red, blue and black.

These fruits are used both in cooking for the preparation of jams, syrups, juices and dessert recipes, and also for the preparation of natural healing remedies for the well-being of the body.

The nutritional and active ingredients of blueberries are excellent in fact both as a nutritional food and as a prevention and help for some ailments of our body.

The use of blueberry as a healing remedy sees it used in all its forms from fresh consumption to juice extraction, from jam to single-dose capsules or tablets composed of dry extract, from herbal tea to more herbal products such as glycerine macerate and mother tincture. These last remedies are better known with the name of ribes nigrum.


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An excellent antioxidant

Blueberry is an excellent antioxidant thanks to the conspicuous presence of anthocyanins in its phytocomplex. These substances are able to fight very effectively free radicals which are those substances that in our body are responsible for cellular aging.

In particular, these anthocyanins help and protect the cardiovascular system even regulating blood pressure. In fact, the use of fruit juices extracted from blueberries helps against high blood pressure.

Furthermore, these anthocyanins protect the capillaries of the whole body but above all in the ocular area they have a specific action that allows them to help people suffering from retinopathy.

The blueberry is also a valuable aid for urinary infections thanks to the presence of its organic acids that allow it to naturally disinfect and lower the bacterial load directly in the area of ​​the infection. Even in the case of diarrhea and intestinal infections blueberry-based remedies are valid aids to improve the gastrointestinal situation.

Revitalizing and tonic

Blueberry is rich in vitamins and minerals which make it useful as a natural supplement.

Among the mineral salts it contains iron, copper, selenium, zinc and in particular it contains calcium and potassium which are essential elements for the well-being of the skeletal system, nails, teeth and hair.

Iron, on the other hand, is essential for many functions such as the production of hemoglobin which serves to transport oxygen in our body and also for the production of the protein that fixes this oxygen in the muscles.

Iron is also needed to make numerous enzymes work and proteins present in our body and a deficiency of this element is called anemia. Blueberries can be used to supplement iron in our diet in a completely natural way.

Among the vitamins we remember instead the great presence of vitamin A, of group B, ascorbic acid which is vitamin C and finally vitamin E.

Vitamin C as we all know is a great help to support our immune system which is thus able to more effectively counteract seasonal ailments such as flu and colds.

The combined presence of antioxidant vitamins clike vitamin A and vitamin C makes blueberry excellent for skin cell regeneration. In fact, these two vitamins are essential to keep our skin healthy and above all to produce collagen which is the essential substance for maintaining skin tone and its hydration.

With blueberry, therefore, we will have an excellent anti-wrinkle effect, as well as slowing down the imperfections that occur with advancing age and above all also against bags under the eyes.


Natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever

Bilberry contains salicylic acid and other organic acids which have a valid, completely natural pain-relieving action. In fact thesalicylic acid it works just like aspirin which can relieve aches and pains like headaches and other physical ailments.

It even manages to improve blood circulation of the blood thinning it and making the work of the heart less difficult.
In addition, blueberries are able to relieve inflammatory problems whether it is external skin inflammation or internal tissue inflammation as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Its anti-inflammatory action is therefore a valid support to fight and alleviate any inflammatory state present in the body. Even in case of constipation, dysentery, cystitis or other intestinal problems, blueberry is indicated thanks to this anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action.


Blueberry: an aid to circulation

The always presence of anthocyanins and anthocyanidins responsible for the purple color of this fruit are also excellent protectors of the entire cardiovascular system.

In fact these substances and in particular mirtillin is able to strengthen blood vessels, to improve their elasticity and to balance capillary permeability.

The blueberry therefore becomes indicated in case of varicose veins and microcirculation problems and capillary fragility especially of the lower limbs. The specific vasoconstrictive action of these substances allows the tissue of the blood vessels to be kept intact and toned, thus obtaining better circulation and regulation of blood pressure.

The blueberry is thus a protective of blood vessels and a valent hypotensive. Finally, it even manages to help against the formation of platelet conglomerates in the bloodstream which are very dangerous because they can block the blood flow with truly dangerous consequences for human health.


Other properties of blueberry

Blueberry taken mainly in the form of bud extract or glyceric macerate it is excellent in the treatment of allergies thanks to its completely natural cortisone-like action.

In addition, the blueberry regulates the blood sugar and helps keep carbohydrates low in the bloodstream. The gammalinoleic acid present in blueberry makes this fruit capable of preventing diabetic nephropathy.

Finally, the presence of hydrocinnamic acid and other acids gives the blueberry anti-carcinogenic properties. Specifically, these substances are capable of neutralizing nitroxamines, dangerous substances with the power of tumor initiators.

We can conclude by saying that the blueberry phytocomplex is so rich that it makes this fruit an excellent natural remedy with essential health properties for all parts of our body: from the skin to the bones, from the circulatory system to the immune system, from pain to inflammation up to end up as an aid for allergies and protective of some cancers.


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