Dairy products: why cheeses and milk are good for you

    Dairy products: why cheeses and milk are good for you

    Dairy products? They are among the best allies for relax and counter anxiety.

    An American research conducted at the Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia has shown, for example, that dairy products, such as cheeses and yogurt, effectively relax the nervous system: «The credit is due to the content of caseomorphins, natural substances that they act like opiates, and some amino acids, including tyrosine and tryptophan. The latter stimulate the production of important brain neurotransmitters able to affect the mood, inducing calm and serenity », explains the doctor Sara Ciastellardi, nutritionist and homeopath in Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto.

    A mix of anti-stress nutrients

    Furthermore, an investigation by Assolatte clarified that in addition to activate the secretion of the most well-known neurotransmitters, or rather dopamine and serotonin, effective for counteracting anxiety and relieving tension, dairy products trigger the production of aminobutyric acid, also known as Gaba. "It is a neurotransmitter with a relaxing effect that our body synthesizes starting from glutamic acid, a substance present in dairy products. The latter also contain large amounts of calcium, which favors the relaxation of voluntary and involuntary muscles, and B vitamins, which counteract mild depression and calm the nervous system », adds our nutritionist.

    Thanks to a balanced mix of nutrients, therefore, milk derivatives are considered real "pleasure stimulators" and represent a precious ally when stress and dark thoughts take over.

    The ideal match? «The advice is of eat them together with lettuce, which enhances the soothing properties due to the richness in malic acid and succinic acid ", replies Dr. Sara Ciastellardi.

    What to eat for dinner for a peaceful sleep

    Dairy products have positive repercussions also on sleep: «Tryptophan improves the quality of night's rest, but in this case it is indispensable focus on low-fat cheeses. Fresh ones are ok, like the first salt, stracchino and ricotta, which do not contain as many fats, so they do not engage digestion for a long time and do not weigh down. Otherwise the risk is ftry to sleep or to wake up in the middle of the night from stomach acid ”, explains our expert.

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