Cold pasta: 10 recipes for making pasta salad

THEpasta saladthe cold pasta, together withrice salad never fails on the summer table, for lunch or dinner. Cold pasta is easy to prepare and is convenient to take with you as a packed lunch to the office or on vacation, whether on the beach or in the mountains. We can insert the pasta salad between vegetarian recipes and vegans that we could serve to our guests during a lunch or dinner a buffet summer. We enrich ours pasta salads with always different seasonal vegetables. We can also add legumes, nuts, seeds and herbs to your city.

Here is a collection of recipes to prepare one at home always different cold pasta. You can use the classic semolina pasta but also wholemeal pasta or gluten-free pasta such as corn pasta.


Cold pasta, the universal recipe

If you are looking for one first and foremost "universal" recipe to guide you in the preparation of your first cold pasta, because maybe you are a beginner in the kitchen, here you are satisfied. For an always fresh and light pasta salad, combine seasonal ingredients, perhaps both raw and cooked. THU the recipe to follow.

Cold pasta with Genoese pesto and cherry tomatoes

If you love the pesto, remember that this dressing is also good cold and that it goes perfectly with your pasta salad, which you can enrich with cherry tomatoes and, if desired, also with green or black olives. THU the recipe to follow to prepare cold fusilli with pesto.

Cold melon pasta

To prepare cold melon pasta no ready-made condiments are needed, just cut the melon into cubes and add some smoked soy mozzarella. THU the recipe to follow to prepare cold melon pasta.

Cold pasta: the recipe for lasagna without cooking

To prepare a dish of cold pasta a little different from the usual you can choose to prepare a lasagna without cooking, use tomatoes, courgettes, basil and mozzarella as a condiment. You will find the recipe here.

Cold saffron pasta with courgettes and aubergines

If you vegan or you have vegan guests for dinner and you want something quick to prepare, here is a cold pasta with saffron, zucchini and aubergines that is really easy to prepare. In fact, for the dressing you will only need aubergines, courgettes, an onion and saffron. THU the recipe to follow.

Cold turmeric pasta with dried tomatoes

If in addition to the classic fresh cherry tomatoes you also love the dried cherry tomatoes, here is an idea to choose them as a condiment for your cold pasta dish, combining them with turmeric, so your dish will have a very summery and colorful look. THU the recipe to follow.

Wholemeal cold pasta with broad beans and asparagus

Fresh rocket to prepare a light pesto, broad beans and asparagus. Here is what you will need to prepare a cold pasta from wholemeal pasta if you want to serve it with a light dressing. You can cook the broad beans, blanch the asparagus and let them cool before continuing the preparation. THU recipe.

Cold pasta with grilled vegetables and saffron

To prepare this cold pasta you can cook grilled vegetables or, even better, use some leftover grilled vegetables, so that they are already cold and ready to use. You can grill peppers, aubergines and courgettes to season a good dish of short pasta, perhaps fusilli or farfalle. THU recipe.

Cold pasta with flavored pesto with courgettes, feta and raisins

old cittàdicacao style.

For the sauce of your cold pasta you can combine sweet and savory flavors, preparing a light herbal pesto in your city and enriching the dish with ingredients such as zucchini, feta and raisins. THU the recipe to follow.

Cold pasta with peas and zucchini


If you have the fresh peas ready to shell, perhaps directly from your garden, here is an idea for you: cold pasta with peas and zucchini to be prepared with fresh peas, short pasta, tomatoes, lemon zest and thyme. THU the recipe to follow.

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