Egg-free batter: 5 vegan recipes (with gluten-free alternatives)

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Egg-free batter. How to prepare one crisp and light batter for vegetables, mushrooms or courgette flowers, also suitable for vegans? You can use wheat flour, the chickpea flour or rice. With rice or chickpea flour, with the addition of simple cold water, your batter will be not only egg-free, but also gluten-free.

The advice is to use spices such as turmeric and curry to get an even tastier batter and to add a pinch of baking soda or baking soda so that your batter is more swollen after cooking.

Here are the recipes for egg-free batter that you might experience. There are also alternatives for making gluten-free batter.


Batter with rice flour, ice water and baking soda

This batter è egg-free and gluten-free. It promises a light and crispy fried. It is suitable for vegetables, cauliflower, courgette flowers. To prepare it you need rice flour, a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda, ice water. The advice is to put a bottle of water in the freezer 30 minutes before. THU the complete recipe.

Batter with rice flour and sparkling white wine

To prepare this egg-free and gluten-free batter you will need rice flour, very cold sparkling white wine (or very cold sparkling water) and a pinch of salt. The advice for the success of the batter is to use a glass bowl and a whisk. THU the complete recipe.

Batter with wheat flour and beer

One of the tricks to prepare one crispy egg-free batter, suitable for vegetables and courgette flowers, is to use beer. Just mix the wheat flour (for the gluten-free version you should opt for a suitable beer and choose the rice flour) with the beer to get a thick batter and add a pinch of salt. THU the complete recipe.

Egg-free batter with chickpea flour

La chickpea flour is perfect for making a very tasty eggless batter for your crunchy vegetables. You will have to add cold water, still or sparkling water, or beer to the chickpea flour, until you get a batter of the right density to cover the vegetables or foods you would like to prepare. The advice is to let the batter rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator before using it and to flavor it with salt, pepper, turmeric or curry. THU other info.

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Vegetable tempura batter

How to prepare one tempura batter without eggs? You can use wheat, chickpea or rice flour. You will need to add a teaspoon of baking powder to get a more swollen batter. Slowly combine the water and oil as well, until the batter is creamy. THU the complete recipe.

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