Canihua: properties and uses of health seeds

Canihua: properties and uses of health seeds

What are canehua seeds. Canahua, canehua or cañihua: it is a plant of the Chenopodiaceae family which grows in some areas of Bolivia and Peru, even in high mountains and at low temperatures.

Quinoa sister, like this rich in precious substances, so much so that it is nicknamed the "seed of health".

This Andean plant also has remarkable resistance, not only to cold, but also to lack of water and pests.

The doghua seed is also used for the production of flour, perfect for soups and broths, in the preparation of desserts and to enrich drinks.


Properties of the canehua

It is a seed with a color ranging from ocher to dark brown or burnt, similar in shape to quinoa, but different in certain characteristics. First of all it does not contain saponins, those substances that could give the food a bitter taste, if not rinsed well before cooking.

Among the beneficial substances contained in these small seeds, there are amino acids and proteins, magnesium, vitamin E, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Among the benefits, in addition to the remarkable nutritional power that makes it a ideal food in vegetarian diets and for vegans, for example, there are those connected to the stomach, since it helps in the digestion process, and to the heart, thanks to the fact that it helps reduce bad cholesterol. In fact, it contains very little fat, even if it is a rather energetic food, about 340 calories per 100 grams of product. 

Not containing gluten, canehua seeds are perfect for i celiac and for the intolerant. 


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Recipes with canehua seeds

I canehua seeds they can be found in ethnic shops, in those specializing in organic and natural products, or online.

The canehua does not need to soakor, it is cooked by boiling it for about 20 minutes. It is well suited for the creation of unique dishes, such as couscous based on vegetables or mixed salads.

It can be combined with cereals, such as millet for example, to make tasty vegetarian or vegan meatballs. A 250 gram pack of canehua seeds costs around 4,50 - 5 euros.

The advice is always to pay attention to the producers, so as not to affect the delicate local balance and to favor a correct and sustainable trade. 


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