The beneficial properties of peach

The beneficial properties of peach

La fishery (persica vulgaris) is the fruit of Prunus persica vulgaris, of the Rosaceae family; the tree, originally from China, reached Europe through Persia, hence the Latin name "persica" (from Persia).

Peach is a rounded drupe, with a thin orange-red skin, covered with soft down, which encloses the fleshy pulp which can be yellow or white with red veins; the woody and wrinkled kernel contains an oval seed that resembles an almond, with a bitter taste, inedible.

The semen contains, in fact, a substance that in contact with the saliva free hydrogen cyanide and can cause severe poisoning.

Listed among the pulpy fruit, it is rich in water (85-90%) and contains simple sugars (12%), mainly fructose. It has a fair content of Vitamin C e carotenoids, transformed by the organism into Vitamin A, which improve the body's defenses and fight skin aging.

I mineral salts are present in good quantity, especially the potassium, which regulates blood and muscle pressure.
In the pulp they are present flavonoids with antioxidant action, e fibers (pectins) which regulate intestinal function.

A. Is extracted from the fruit, flowers and leaves essential oil containing organic acids (formic, valeric, caprylic, acetic, acetaldehyde, etc.), with sedative, antispasmodic and vermifuge properties found in dried flowers and leaves.

Fresh catch has few calories: 825 kcal per 100 g for hairy skin quality, 40 kcal for nectarine; it is very digestible, suitable for feeding children from the 5th - 6th month of life and also for diabetics and people who follow slimming diets.

Dried or canned peaches with sugar syrup are more caloric and with less vitamin content than fresh ones.

The substances contained in peaches give it properties: energy (for the content in sugars, vitamins and mineral salts. They are useful in case of anemia and fatigue and to promote digestion); diuretic (useful in case of water retention, urinary tract stones, rheumatism): refreshing and thirst-quenching (especially important after intense sweating); slightly laxative (they are an excellent remedy for children's constipation).

The curative virtues of peach are most effective in the fruit eaten fresh, with the peel carefully washed, or as a centrifuged juice, with the addition of lemon juice.


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