Elderberry syrup, the recipe

Elderflower syrup, well-being in winter

Lo elderflower syrup is a drink that is prepared between May and June, in late spring and early summer depending on the area. It is precisely in this season that the fresh flowers of the plant are harvested.

Elderberry syrup is very useful as a remedy for the typical ailments of the winter period, that's why we talk about it now.

Inflammatory states, fever, cold, flu, bronchitis: all these seasonal ailments find relief and cure from the use of the elderberry plant, whose flowers help to lower fever in a natural way, used for example in infusions and herbal teas, stimulate sweating, are natural diuretics and anti-inflammatories. 

It being understood that an expert opinion is always best for distinguish the flowers of the good elder (Sambucus nigra) from those of the bad cousin (Sambucus ebulus) - more pink and violet than the first, always very white - it is first of all essential to collect or get a dozen of these umbrella flowers, well open and far from pesticides! 

There is also a dark syrup, made from elderberries, too excellent against flu symptoms, such as coughs and colds, and, in general, an excellent remedy for upper respiratory infections.


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How to make elderflower syrup 


> a dozen washed and cleaned elder flowers, cut at the base of their umbrella;
> 5 organic lemons;
> 1,5 kg of sugar;
> 150 g of organic apple cider vinegar;
> 1 liter of water.


Wash the lemons, cut them into slices and put them in a large airtight glass jar. Then add the flowers one by one as well.

Cover everything with water, mix with a wooden spoon and seal tightly, leave to rest for 36 hours at room temperature.

Then take a linen cloth or a large cotton gauze and put it on a large pot, pour the contents of the jar slowly, in order to filter the flowers and lemons that will have to remain on the cloth.

Then squeeze well and set aside; add the vinegar and sugar to the liquid obtained.

Turn on the flame and bring to a boil, stirring you occasionally, so as to obtain a thick and full-bodied liquid.

Turn off the heat e keep the syrup still warm in small hermetically sealed glass bottles. 


Uses and recipes with elderberry syrup

The syrup goes stored in the dark and consumed by the winter following its preparation. Once opened, the bottle can be kept in the fridge for up to a week.

Elderberry syrup is very versatile: diluted in still or sparkling water creates a special refreshing drink; added to sweets can enrich cakes like lemon cake and elderberry syrup; or, with the addition of seltzer and white wine, we can prepare the typical Austrian Kaiserspritzer aperitif.

Curiosity: elder wood, inside which it has a soft pith that can be eliminated by making it hollow, was used to make small flutes for children. 

Essential book: "Florario" by Alfredo Cattabiani


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