Black turnip, properties and benefits

Black turnip, properties and benefits

Le snuff they are not really the most common food on our tables. And it is a pity, since varying the type of food we eat allows us to bring all the molecules beneficial to health to our body.

We increase the variety of foods that we bring to the table, perhaps starting with turnips: for example, did you know that there are different types, each with its properties specific? Do you already know the black turnip, rich in properties and health benefits?


Black turnip: the properties

Le snuff belong to the family of Cruciferous, plants with flowers endowed with have four petals arranged as in a cross. In general, crucifers are known for theirs antioxidant, anticancer and immune system strengthening properties and for theirs high content of mineral salts, fibers and vitamins, especially vitamin A and β-carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins and folic acid.

The black turnip plant or black ramolaccio (botanical name raphanus sativus niger) is cultivated for its large black root, with a more or less globular shape, which exceeds 100 grams in weight. The pulp has whitish tones and is compact to the touch; its taste is reminiscent of that of a spicy radish.

The black turnip boasts, like other cruciferous plants, many healthy properties: in addition to the various active ingredients, it contains a spicy oil that gives a pleasant pungent taste, particularly appreciated in the preparation of simple but very tasty dishes.


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The main properties of the black turnip I'm:

> Detoxifying, thanks to the high content of sulfur.

> Antioxidants, thanks to flavonoids.

> Anti-inflammatory, thanks to the presence of molecules of gerfanate, also protective for the gastric mucosa.

> Anti-cancer, thanks to polyphenols and isothiocyanates.

> Expectorants, thanks to the gerfanato, which accelerates the turnover (production and expulsion) of mucus.


Black turnip: the benefits and how to exploit them

Now that we have learned about the black turnip better, we can "take action" by discovering its benefits for our health and how to use it.

We summarize the benefits of black turnip:

> Anatural antibiotic useful to counteract flu symptoms.
> Calm cough.
> Fights rcolds, bronchitis and bladder diseases.


Turnip syrup



> After having partially removed the internal pulp, place the black turnip directly on a glass or cup and fill it with honey, leaving it to macerate for 6-8 hours.
The result is a syrup to be taken in spoons and consumed within a few days


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