Better Abs Wheel: how the AB Wheel works and which one to choose

    Better Abs Wheel: how the AB Wheel works and which one to choose

    Best Ab Wheel

    Often when we think of a home gym, we imagine large tools such as treadmills and exercise bikes, multifunctional or elliptical benches, first choices in the field of home fitness. In reality, however, a lot can be done even with small tools. Here comes another association spontaneously: the dumbbells, the jump rope, the bosu. But there is another tool that, if used correctly and with care, can be really useful and effective: the abdominal wheel. Once we have highlighted its potential, you will hardly give up this little piece of equipment in your home gym.

    As the name underlines, it is a tool that was created to tone and sculpt the abdominal muscles. It is therefore easy to imagine that its use involves intense work, which really tests the abdominal muscles. The ab wheel o AB Wheel is extremely simple: a small wheel in the middle of which passes a cylinder that acts as a real handlebar on which you go to place your hands.

    Precisely by virtue of its simplicity, it is a really cheap tool that you need to train at home. Here are some models.

    Ab wheel: which models?

    However, the abdominal wheel is available in different models. We have already introduced the basic version of the ab wheel or ab roller, it only needs to be added that the bar that acts as a handlebar is covered with non-slip material to ensure grip. However, there are variants, for example the double abdominal wheel, that is with two wheels paired to ensure greater stability; the abdominal wheel with movable handlebar, that is, it can be divided into two pieces and fit together as if they were pedals in order to work the shoulders as well.

    In addition to these two models, there are also separate dumbbells, similar in all respects to normal weights, which can be used as an ab wheel. In addition to the basic version, it is also possible to find the one with elastic bands that allows you to connect the movement of the arms and shoulders with the leg muscles, making the work even more intense.

    Ab Wheel: Best AB Wheel

    How the ab wheel works: Exercises with the AB Wheel

    The basic exercise that is performed with the ab wheel is the plank. How? We start with our knees on the ground, with the wheel resting in front of us and our hands well positioned on the handlebars. Keeping the knees on the ground and possibly the tips of the feet (you can also lift them as you do in the "facilitated" plank) you let the wheel slide in front following it and then stretching the whole body, checking the abdominals well so that you can perfectly reproduce the board .

    From this position of perfect plank, you go back, always with extreme control of the abdominal muscles. When you stretch in the plank you inhale, when you return to the starting position, however, you exhale. It is an easy exercise only in appearance, but in reality it is really very tiring.

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