Berries, natural antioxidant supplements

Berries, natural antioxidant supplements

- antioxidants are all those substances that interfere with the chemical reactions of oxidation of the organism that give rise to the so-called free radicals.

You can fill up with antioxidants every day, nature gives us in large quantities and with various characteristics and degrees of effectiveness: we can take them both in the form of pure foods and foods, which using natural supplements.

Normally, the body is able to prevent and counteract the negative action of free radicals, but sometimes, in states of fatigue, periods of stress, trauma, convalescence, intense physical or sporting activity, defense mechanisms are lowered and help may be needed to cope with the inevitable and increased oxidation of tissues.

Therefore, it is good to integrate increasing the daily intake of certain foods or making use of natural supplements based on berries.


Berries among antioxidant supplements

About five servings a day of fresh, healthy and organic fruit and vegetables provide more than enough to protect against free radicals.

Foods richest in antioxidants are blueberries, pomegranate, kale, spinach, beets, plums, grape juice, grapefruit, orange, green tea, goji berries, acai berries, maqui, papaya.

As can be seen, some of these foods are not always available fresh on the market. If a person then wishes to implement with natural supplements, he can do so; very effective seem to be the ones based on berries, here are three examples.


Açai berries

Among the most used and effective, there is thesupplement based on Açai berries; various researches have shown that Açai is one of the richest sources of anthocyanins (pigments with a protective function) known today. The anthocyanins reduce the damage caused by free radicals and inflammation, two processes present in the development of chronic diseases. Known for some time by the aborigines of South America, who consumed both berries and sprouts, these small dark blueberry-like fruits also contain important proteins and vitamins, mineral salts, such as calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorus among others and essential fatty acids. . They are excellent because they have a high absorption power against free radicals and a strong one anti-inflammatory action.


The properties of açai berries, a superfruit from the Amazon


Goji berries

Similarly it can be said ofGoji berry supplement, superfruit of longevity known in Asia for millennia. The red berries of this fruit have indeed fantastic anti-aging, immustimulating and rebalancing properties thanks to the unique polysaccharides they contain. They would also have beneficial effects on the nervous system, heart and invigorating sexuality.


Maqui berries

Another latest generation antioxidant supplement is the one based on maqui berries, the Patagonian blueberry, which concentrates in itself the beneficial action of polyphenols, specifically anocyanines, which make it a valid help for those who want fight tissue oxidation, and is particularly appreciated by sportsmen. Without forgetting the effectiveness of the local supplement, based on blueberry berries.

How antioxidants work

Antioxidants are designed to perform their action on several fronts:

  • slow down cellular aging, protecting tissues and organs, skin, eyesight, nails, hair
  • support the immune system, combining the anti-inflammatory action with the energizing and toning action
  • they rebalance unhealthy states caused by smoking, alcohol, pollution, improper or implemented diet of additives and pesticides, drug abuse, emotional stress
  • they protect the nervous and digestive systems, also reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood

Of these supplements it is generally recommended to take a couple of capsules a day; it is always good to listen to the expert opinion or specialist who will help you as appropriate.


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