Antioxidant foods: what they are and when to take them

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There are several reasons that can accelerate the natural organic aging process. Slowing down the causes of this process is possible thanks to antioxidants. Together we can find out what they are, what they are for, what foods they are contained in and where we can find them.

> Why are antioxidants needed and what they are

> When to hire them

> Which foods contend for antioxidants

> Antioxidant drink recipe


Avocados are among the foods richest in antioxidants

Why are antioxidants needed and what they are

- antioxidants they are precious substances for our health because they act against the harmful action of free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that act to damage the body on several fronts.

More simply, free radicals are the waste product of the daily work of cells. They act by "attacking" healthy cells, damaging them. In this way they replicate to the detriment of our body.

Cellular aging is one of the aspects that must be considered when it comes to free radicals and preventive action against them. When the cellular system is attacked, our immune system is defeated and weakened. What does it mean? It is easy to understand that if the body is weak and defenseless it will be more easily exposed to getting sick and aging prematurely. Antioxidants therefore serve precisely to avoid all this ea to preserve our entire organism in health and beauty, both inside and out.


When to take them

Antioxidants are of origin endogenous (produced by the organism) ed exogenous (introduction via food). Cellular oxidation can be overcome by using different substances with antioxidant action that must be evaluated on the basis of the active ingredient chosen and on one's needs and peculiarities.

If we notice on our face a worsening of the condition of our skin (spots, wrinkles, dry skin) or if we notice that we are particularly weak and tired and our vision has worsened or we suffer from joint pain and we still detect from the blood tests that some values ​​such as that of cholesterol, are altered, then it is recommended to start evaluating the hypothesis of taking antioxidants.

There are two ways to follow: it is possible change your diet choosing foods rich in antioxidants or you can resort to supplements and in severe cases you can use both. It is important to remember that excess antioxidants can be counterproductive if their supplementation is not necessary.


You can learn more about the properties of natural antioxidant supplements


Which foods contend for antioxidants

The litmus test that eating healthy according to nature is the best way to stay healthy and young This is demonstrated by the variety of foods with antioxidant action that we can offer at the table every day without difficulty. We are surrounded by antioxidant foods.

In practice all fruit and vegetables they are rich in it but let's see in detail which ones contain more and which other foods can give us a hand in the fight against free radicals.

When we choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other substances, then we are certain that we are on the right track. Here is now list of foods richest in antioxidants:

  • Papaya is an exotic fruit rich in vitamins and anti free radical properties. The enzymes contained in this fruit are very useful because help cell regeneration and provide for the elimination of dead cells. Its use is indicated in the winter months as in the seasonal change because it strengthens the immune system tested by the proliferation of germs and bacteria typical of these periods. In summer, however, it is useful as a preventive treatment to safeguard against possible premature aging of the skin against the action of the sun's rays on our skin.
  • Avocado is a well-known fruit by now. It lends itself well to the preparation of numerous dishes and combinations. If we reduce it to pulp by adding lemon we can get an excellent one anti aging mask for the skin of the face making it luminous and toned.
  • The carrot is very rich in vitamin A, a substance similar to female hormones. Especially those who have a bad habit of smoking benefit from its consumption. In fact, the smoke chelates this precious vitamin which instead is essential to these subjects because it protects the lungs and throat from cancer. Always  friend of sight, carrot is best eaten raw in salads, alone or accompanied by other vegetables. In addition we find the glutathione, one of the most important antioxidant substances.
  • Green tea is now well known and has become one of the most popular tea varieties in the country. Green tea has strong antioxidant actions whose action is relevant cancer e  anti-cholesterol.  
  • For the gluttonous chocolate lovers we discover the beneficial properties of cocoa. Obviously, to maintain these properties it must be of excellent quality, free of sugars and saturated fats. So green light to the dark chocolate if we are often down in tone. In fact, with cocoa we stock up on tryptophan (precursor of serotonin) and phenylanaline. Plus the cocoa is rich in magnesium and phosphorus. But be careful not to abuse it. The risk is to inflame the intestines.
  • Graviola is still little known. It is in fact a tropical fruit famous locally for its distinctly anticancer activity. Those who suffer from digestive problems can certainly take advantage of it. For now it is available in the most well-stocked herbalists.
  • Kiwi is a fruit that is always in great fashion on the table of the el paeseni. The best known properties of this now “italic” fruit are those that carry out a purifying action in the intestine. The richness of vitamins and minerals makes it a sure ally against colds. If you have cholesterol problems, don't be afraid to include it in your daily meal plan.
  • The red fruits which include pomegranate, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and mangosteen they are all distinguished by the richness of vitamins and minerals that make them highly antioxidants. Red fruits in general are used frequently by those who have circulatory problems or visual deficiencies. There is no lack of antibacterial and astringent, antiseptic actions. Mangosteen stands out for its excellent anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti obesity. It is found in herbal medicine in the form of juice to drink in the dose prescribed daily.
  • Algae are also true combat strategists against the signs of time and against free radicals. Leader in mineral content and rich in vitamins, they strengthen the immune system and return precious substances to the body that are lost due to prolonged stress or due to a diet poor in valid and disordered nutrients.
  • Goij and acai berries have been in the limelight for a few years. Both are rich in vitamins and minerals. They perform a useful action in convalescent states, strengthen the organism and are necessary in all calcium deficient states (osteoporosis and menopause). Carambola, a tropical fruit, also contains various antioxidants, especially quercetin, gallic acid and epicatechin.
  • Vegetable oils with antioxidant power such as sesame, argan, olive, hemp seed, linseed, grape seed, cottonseed and wheat germ oil which are good for the health of the skin, but also of the cells, organs and tissues of which the body is made up.
  • Maqui is a deep blue tropical fruit. The color of the berry already tells us that the main richness of the fruit consists in the anthocyanins, which are various and numerous (the main ones are the delphinidins and cyanidins) and which in addition to acting as pigments, have a strong antioxidant and protective power for the skin.


Antioxidant brew recipe

For this antioxidant drink, you need a lot of fruit, vegetables and some roots at home.

Dose and ingredients for one person:

Two carrots, a kiwi, a lemon juice, a pomegranate, a handful of goij berries and half a banana. Add a pinch of powdered seaweed and a pinch of ginger to mask the flavor. Blend everything and drink in small sips.

It turns out very pleasant if drunk cool.


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