7 things you will regret for the rest of your life

    7 things you will regret for the rest of your lifeLook to the past by hiring a
    some emotional distance can be very constructive. When we look back
    we combine all the points that previously seemed disconnected from each other and many
    things we didn't understand suddenly make sense. However, this exercise
    it can be a double-edged sword, especially when we repent, when
    we believe we have made bad choices or that we should have made the
    things differently. Then comes repentance, although perhaps the most interesting thing is that we often stumble several times
    in the same stone so we always end up repenting of the same things.
    We create a decision-making and behavioral model that leads us to always do the
    same mistakes. The good news is that being aware of this will allow us
    to take control of our lives.What do we usually regret? 1. Not having had the necessary courage. There is nothing worse than that
    look back and think "if I had done ...". Remember
    briefly all those things that you could have done, but never have
    done. How do you feel now? What do you think would have happened if you had taken
    a certain decision? Unfortunately, there is no going back in time and
    change the past, but it is possible to change the present and your future as well
    the next time you want to do something, don't hold back from doing it.
    Take a risk, because only then will you know if it's worth it. Remember that you have
    courage does not mean not being afraid, but it means advancing in spite of

    2. We haven't tried hard enough. Sometimes, in the throes of a
    demonstration of enthusiasm, we have the courage to undertake projects
    that we are passionate about. However, there is a voice within us that tells us that
    we will fail. So we surrender to the first obstacle. Everyone, when we look at each other
    behind us, we remember a moment when we gave up. Either way, that
    what would have happened if we kept trying and believed in our dream? Not it
    we will never know, but the most important thing is to transform this
    "Failure" in an experience. Next time you are for
    give up on something you are passionate about ask yourself if you are motivated by
    rationality or fear.

    3. Not having been flexible. Familiarity and routine convey to us
    security, we believe they protect us from problems. However, there are moments
    in life where we have to leave our comfort zone to venture out
    to explore other territories. Not having enough flexibility in front of the
    change and not being open to new experiences will be one of the things of which,
    sooner or later, you will regret it. So, start breaking the routine today
    opening yourself to small proposals that represent a change in yours
    way of seeing and living life.

    4. For not having apologized. Many people find it difficult to apologize,
    because they are ashamed or because they believe it involves diminishing oneself in the eyes of others.
    However, when we make a mistake or cause harm to a person for us
    important, there is nothing worse than not apologizing, especially if in
    later, for some life circumstance, we will never have the opportunity again
    to tell him how sorry we are. So we never put off apologies if we have
    a fault, let's face it and make amends.

    5. To have been too proud. When we have to make a decision
    important, we are crossed by different emotions. We are almost always able
    to detect anger or sadness, but pride and arrogance disguise themselves
    and we don't notice it, even if they usually underlie some of the
    most important decisions we have made in our life. Anyway,
    behaving arrogantly means hiding behind a shield,
    to think that only we are right, often going against our true desires.
    There are times when to make a good decision we won't regret,
    we must leave pride aside and let reason or heart speak.

    6. We didn't stop in time. There are times when a
    internal alarm that goes off to tell us that we must stop. However, a
    Sometimes we don't pay attention to it by turning a deaf ear. When we
    we persist in a project or in a couple relationship we develop an addiction
    toxic that prevents us from taking advantage of other opportunities, it's like
    condemn us to stagnation or voluntarily imprison us. So sometimes not
    no matter how much time, money or effort you have invested in something, the more thing
    smart to do is stop. Don't forget to keep going
    advance, sometimes, you have to start from scratch.

    7. To have been too distracted. Rejection, sadness and failure do
    hurt, but the pain doesn't last a lifetime. There are times when it isn't
    can continue the path you had taken and need to
    stop and take care of yourself. If you don't, chances are a
    day you wake up full of anger and resentment, without even giving up
    I realize how you got to that point. The same goes for physical health.
    Today is a good day to start changing bad habits as well
    take care of yourself. Tomorrow, when you would like to do it, maybe not
    you will have more time.

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