5 winning strategies to remedy Christmas scandals

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You let yourself go to the sins of gluttony and now you find yourself with a few extra pounds, maybe the very ones you had so much trouble losing with one diet recent.

But don't be alarmed, you don't have to start all over again: "Relax: it is certainly not some cheat to make the difference», Assures , psychotherapist doctor, president of Aidap (Association of the country's eating and weight disorders).

And he adds: «They are“ fresh ”kilos, it is enough to go back to usual diet to lose them quickly ».

Don't dramatize

But how to get back on track immediately? “The first thing is do not dramatize: if it was an undesirable effect that you had already estimated, but now you are in crisis in the face of the evidence, think that you must not expect to have the control over everything. If you convince yourself of it, you will feel relieved and you will give the right weight to it », continues the expert.

If, on the other hand, you had promised yourself not to gain any kilos, but you have not kept your purpose, now you might be tempted to give up everything and maybe you think: "Enough, every time it always happens like this, I will never be able to stay in shape!".

«Stop and learn to accept this negative emotion »Suggests Banderali. It is not pleasant but you can live with it. Indeed, you can use it to your advantage: “Use this moment as stimulus to find a new enthusiasm for a different one meal planning, a new goal or simply a more energetic restart », adds Maria Cristina Orlando, psychotherapist specialized in eating disorders.

«To succeed it is essential keep feelings of guilt away: they are useless if not to feed the idea that you were not good. The trick is learning to be kind to yourself as you are with others.

Ask yourself: "If this happened to a friend of mine, would I put her on trial or would I tend to minimize?". Be objective: it helps you not to give in to the thought of having compromised the situation », concludes Dr. Orlando.

5 winning strategies

Here are Dr. Banderali's suggestions for repair the "damage" of festive binges.

1 Give the goodies that you received as a gift for Christmas and are left over: a delicacy that is not good for you right now can make someone else happy.

2 In the first days weighed every morning: Doing so helps you regain control of the situation and reminds you of the goal you set yourself to achieve.

3 Stretch out a list of goals that you have achieved by losing the extra pounds and a list of the new goals you are aiming for as you continue with your nutritional journey.

4 Plan your meals and then check if you have respected your schedule: sticking to the programs has a positive effect on your sense of self-efficacy.

5 Start a business you have long wanted to do: feeling capable stimulates you not to give in to temptations anymore, at the table and elsewhere. 

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