To lose weight, do not switch from one diet to another

by Sabina Cuccaro

First the Dukan, then the Lemme and then again the Paleodiet, just to mention the most famous: try all the diets in circulation as well lose weight? This is not the right approach against extra pounds, indeed it can be counterproductive. This is confirmed by a study by the University of Freiburg published in the Obesity Rewiews journal.


Still, getting by all your life between one diet and another it is an often irresistible temptation for those in overweight. «In many cases, people are looking for an easy and immediate result and, when they start a diet, they think of lose so many kilos in the shortest possible time ", explains Arianna Banderali, psychotherapist, president ofAidap (Association of the country with eating and weight disorders).

“However, it is about an unrealistic expectation and doomed to fail. When, in fact, we realize that the scale needle does not go down so quickly, it is very easy to let go of everything and go back to eating as and more than before.

In any case, it is thought, it can be remedied by throwing himself on the last one miracle diet, in an endless whirlwind of frustrating and unsatisfactory attempts ». Which, in the long run, lead to a heavier weight than the starting one.

«Continually losing weight and gaining weight creates the yo-yo effect, for which the metabolism progressively slows down and it is no longer possible to lose a pound, if not by stopping eat», Continues Cristina Orlando, psychologist of eating behavior.


I lose weight - thank you - try another diet: if you want to get out of this illusion, in which you always seem to have a simple and easy solution to your roundness at hand, you have to convince yourself that: it is not the diets themselves that make you lose weight, it is yours lifestyle which has to change if you want to achieve a nice line.

«“ To lighten oneself ”of the extra weight means, in short, to prepare oneself mentally to have different habits»Explains Dr. Orlando. «It is a demanding choice that requires strong motivation and just as much determination ».

Therefore, before starting, carefully evaluate your subjective and objective position, answering these questions sincerely: because I want to lose weight? Am I ready to start a new path? Is this the right time?

It almost goes without saying that only if you are charged and full of energy and, above all, you don't have too many deadlines or important changes to deal with, you have a good chance of losing weight. Otherwise (too much work, family commitments, little serenity), postpone: changing the way you eat and increasing activity require concentration, time and attention.


If you live there diet like a twist, and not just a lost pound count, yours too psychological resilience it will be reinforced. "Do not be discouraged by that week in which you do not lose weight - the diet does not have an arithmetic progression - and you will not vent dissatisfaction in food," explains the psychologist.

“You will feel capable of instead face difficulties, which helps to raise your self-esteem and, by drag, the sense of self-efficacy ". As long-term plans require. Slimming on the head.

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