10 things highly sensitive people need to be happy

10 things highly sensitive people need to be happy

Highly sensitive people don't have an easy time. Their enormous sensitivity can lead them to develop an empathy that causes them to suffer excessively, and they also have to deal with the misunderstanding of others.

Underlying this hypersensitivity is a completely different way of processing information. Highly sensitive people process information in a peculiar way, too loud noises, violent images or pain, too bright lights and crowded environments affect them profoundly. Therefore, to be happy they need peaceful and quiet environments where their senses can rest. Even if that's not enough.

Happiness comes from simplicity and meaning

  1. A slower and simpler pace of life

As highly sensitive people process information at a deeper level, they need more time to do certain activities, such as having breakfast or leaving the house in the morning. They also need more time to make decisions, even simple and seemingly insignificant ones, such as choosing an ice cream flavor, because they find it more difficult to process the huge amount of opportunities that exist as they have to carefully weigh all the pros and cons in their minds. against, to the point that in some cases they can get stuck in analysis paralysis. This is why highly sensitive people tend to be happier with a slower, simpler pace of life.

  1. A peaceful environment to relax after a busy day

We all need a balance between activity and rest, but for highly sensitive people this is essential. At the end of the day these people absorb an impressive amount of information and process it down to the smallest detail, which is exhausting, not only mentally but also physically. The time to relax and disconnect serves to reduce the level of stimulation and restore inner peace. Without that balance, a highly sensitive person could suffer from panic attacks or depression. That's why they need a quiet place where they feel completely comfortable to rest.

  1. Allowed to get excited

Highly sensitive people are not only susceptible to external stimuli but they are also emotionally. They usually have emotions on the surface and cannot help expressing what they are feeling. This means that they show their anger without hesitation, as well as joy. For these people it is very important to express their emotions because being forced to repress them will make them feel much worse. Therefore, it is essential that they are accepted by those around them and that others appreciate their sincerity.

  1. Time to adapt to change

Changes are often difficult for everyone, but for highly sensitive people they can become a huge source of stress, even positive changes, such as starting a relationship or moving into the dream home. They need a longer period of time to get used to the changes and accept them. Highly sensitive people have their own pace and it is important for others to respect it because trying to speed it up will only cause more stress and insecurity.

  1. An outlet for their creative side

Many of the highly sensitive people experience the imperative need to create. They channel their observations, ideas and emotions through art, poetry and music… Their sensitivity can become so overwhelming and social misunderstanding so great that they need to explore other channels to express their inner world. For these people, creativity is a kind of release valve that allows them to release all emotional and sensory experiences.

  1. Natural environment and beauty

Whether we like it or not, the environment influences us. But the influence of the environment is even more intense on highly sensitive people. Messy, chaotic or simply ugly spaces generate in them a state of discomfort that is difficult to bear, to the point of feeling emotionally unstable. They cause him irritation, frustration and / or sadness. On the contrary, nature and tidy environments with good aesthetic taste make them feel happy, as if helping them to recharge their emotional battery.

  1. Sleep well

We all need a good night's sleep and a bad night ends up paying the price, but for very sensitive people, sleep disturbances are an unbearable nightmare. Not sleeping puts them in a bad mood and profoundly affects their performance to the point that they find it nearly impossible to do anything. Restful sleep helps highly sensitive people process daytime experiences by taking away some of the emotional impact, so they need it almost as much as oxygen.

  1. Meaningful interpersonal relationships

Highly sensitive people aren't necessarily introverted, but they enjoy intelligent company and need to find a soul mate who understands their sensitive nature or, at least, respects it. That person can help them protect themselves from excessive arousal by validating their feelings and facilitating their daily decisions. But if they don't find someone who understands and appreciates them, they prefer to be alone because superficial relationships lack charm and quickly bore them. Highly sensitive people want to connect from the depths and often avoid irrelevant relationships at all costs.

  1. A rich inner life

Highly sensitive people have a greater predisposition to look within themselves, constantly question their values ​​and always try to perfect something. Indeed, it is not surprising that such a person is also referred to as an "old soul". These people do not usually look for exciting experiences, but are able to intensely live the simpler experiences that for others tend to go unnoticed, such as a sunset.

  1. Giving meaning to life

Some people seem to move in life without direction or purpose. For highly sensitive people this is unthinkable. On the contrary, they usually spend a lot of time reflecting on philosophical issues. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? These people are always looking for a profound meaning that gives meaning to their existence and their actions. If they don't find it, they can fall into an existential crisis. Their happiness largely depends on finding their place in the world.

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