10 questions that can change your life

    10 questions that can change your lifeWhen we are young our curiosity is insatiable, we always ask and we are not satisfied with the first answer. However, as we grow we adapt and stop questioning things. We take what we have learned as irrefutable truths and adapt our lives to them. The problem is that these learned rules often turn into limits for our development. Therefore, from time to time it is appropriate to question some of these "truths".

    1. If you didn't know when you were born, how old would you think you were?

    Age is not just a physical issue it is primarily a psychological condition. Keeping an open mind, being curious and constantly learning new things are the characteristics of people who never get old, but remain active until the end of their life. Adapting to the behavior expected for our age is not always positive. Thinking that we are unable to do something because it is not considered appropriate for our age can mean that we are setting unnecessary limits and repressing understandable and natural desires.

    2. What kind of work would make you feel rich in terms of happiness and not money?

    Did you know that the places where we spend the most time in our life are the bed and the workplace? If we spend so much time at work, it would be convenient to have a passion for what we do, or at least feel satisfied. So every now and then we should ask ourselves if what we are doing contributes to our happiness and to what extent. If not, it may be time to rethink our work and set a new direction. It's a decision that may scare us, but in the end it's worth it.

    3. Do you do what you like or are you satisfied with what you do?

    It is not a play on words, but an essential question that we should all be asking ourselves at some point in our life. In fact, over time many people put aside their passions and interests by sacrificing themselves to abide by the rules imposed by society because they assume that things have to go this way. They believe they are forced to work about 8 or 10 hours a day, have a family, buy a house with a mortgage, retire tired and depressed, and then die. However, when the time for reckoning comes, do you feel satisfied with your life? Do you feel that you have truly lived?

    4. If you had to choose one piece of advice to give to a child who is starting his life, what would it be?

    Are you applying this advice in your daily life? Probably not, because most people unconsciously practice the idea "do what I say but not what I do". So from time to time it is appropriate that we apply ourselves the advice we give to others. We will come out enriched by the experience and we will feel better about ourselves.

    5. Why are you who you are?

    What is it that defines you as a person? What do you think you are and how do you think others view you? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to being successful, happy and developing a resilient attitude. Knowing what your values ​​are and how far you are willing to go can make the difference between getting what you want and failing or conforming.

    6. Would you prefer to jealously guard your memories or discard them to make room for new ones?

    What we have experienced in the past has led us to be who we are, shaped us and, in some ways, limits us today. Some people are too tied to the past and are unable to live in the present because of the anguish and guilt that this generates. Therefore, the ideal would be to accept the past, with its mistakes and joys, but look forward to establish a new goal that will take us further by offering us true happiness here and now.

    7. If the end of the world comes tomorrow, who would you prefer to be with right now?

    Sometimes the whims and hustle and bustle of everyday life take us away from the people we love and as this happens, time passes inexorably. So, we should stop and ask ourselves what really matters in our life. So all that remains is to fight for this thing. Taking advantage to enjoy every moment with the people we love is essential because there may be no tomorrow.

    8. What would you do different if you lived in a society where no one judges you?

    Social norms exist to ensure that we respect the rights of others, but they must not become our straitjacket. We must be guided by our values, not by the fear of the punishment that society may inflict on us or by the fear of others judging us. When we follow our rules we take responsibility for our actions, when we follow the rules of others, we give them the reins of our life. Ultimately, this lack of compromise is not good for anyone, neither for us nor for society.

    9. Do you make your own decisions or do you let others take them for you?

    There are difficult decisions, decisions that we tend to secretly postpone, hoping that it will resolve itself or that the problem will go away. However, problems, at least the most important ones, almost never disappear by magic, but what actually happens is that often others decide for us. Don't forget that these small decisions (or the lack of them) will guide you in a specific direction and eventually you may find yourself in a place where you don't want to be.

    10. What would you like to see changed in the world?

    One might think that your wish is a utopia, something that cannot be realized. However, if only a million people wanted what you want, any illusion could come true. Either way, you first need to bring in your little grain of sand by doing what you can from changing yourself. Because, if you want to change the world, you have to start by changing yourself first.

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