10 meat dishes revisited in veg version

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If you vegetarians or vegans maybe you are looking for alternative dishes to meat or without meat ingredients to bring to the table as a first or second course. To make your menu truly varied, you just need a pinch of creativity in the kitchen.

A good protein intake is achieved by remembering to enrich the diet with legumes and whole grains. You can design truly exquisite dishes. Here is a collection of recipes from which to take inspiration.


Vegetable burger

You can prepare your own vegetable burgers with vegetables and legumes. To create a compact base, the suggestion is to use boiled potatoes or chickpeas then reduced to a puree to which to add chopped vegetables and breadcrumbs or chickpea flour to combine the ingredients. THU e here some recipes to inspire you.

Tofu medallions

Crispy "medallions" and cutlets are not necessarily based on meat or ham. You can also prepare them starting from tofu and create a batter with chickpea flour and breadcrumbs for a golden breading. THU the recipe to follow to prepare i baked tofu medallions.

Tofu and spinach meatballs

As an alternative to meatballs, here are the spinach and tofu-based meatballs, to be served as a main course. You can also prepare them with other ingredients, such as chickpeas, lentils, carrots, potatoes and leafy vegetables alternatives to spinach. In addition to spinach and tofu, the ingredients to be used for their preparation are flour, breadcrumbs, pepper, ginger, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and a pinch of baking soda. THU recipe.

Skewers of tofu, seitan and vegetables

There are really numerous alternatives to prepare some skewers without meat. As ingredients you can choose seitan, tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, onions and all the vegetables suitable for grilling. THU recipes to inspire you.

Arrosti veg

You can prepare some roasts in a vegetarian or vegan version starting with a base of seitan or legumes to which you can add your favorite vegetables. We have collected a number of vegetarian roast recipes for you. THU all the instructions and recipes for preparing veg roasts.

Seitan meatballs with sauce

You can prepare your meatballs not only with tofu but also with seitan, to create a revisited version in a veg key of the classics meatballs in tomato sauce, which you can serve as an alternative main course to meat, accompanied by legumes and vegetables. THU recipe.

Lasagne veg

The traditional recipe of lasagne plans to prepare a condiment based on tomato sauce and minced meat to obtain the ragù, but you can prepare vegetarian or vegan lasagna with numerous alternative condiments to meat. THU the recipes from which to draw inspiration.

Vegan arancini

You can prepare excellent arancini not only without meat, but also without cheese and without eggs, to obtain the 100% vegetable alternative of a traditional dish. However, numerous variations are possible according to your tastes. THU our recipe.

Stuffed vegan olives

Stuffed olives in vegan version are aalternative to olives all'ascolana with meat filling. For the filling you can choose to prepare a ground coffee starting from soy burgers or seitan, just to give an example. Choose large olives that are easy to stuff. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Carbonara veg

Another dish that you can prepare without problems in vegetarian or vegan version is pasta carbonara. To replace the meat ingredients, choose courgettes, seitan or tofu, perhaps smoked, to be cut into cubes. THU many recipes.

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