10 perfect veg dishes and snacks on the beach or for a picnic

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What are the delivery times? ideal dishes and snacks to take with you for lunch in beach or for one picnic? The alternatives are numerous. What matters is that the summer meals are at the same time refreshing e nutrients.

They must therefore be rich in fruit and vegetables, but also accompanied by energy foods, such as dried fruit or oil seeds. Go ahead also for pasta and grains, which should be chosen in the integral version. Here are some ideas for your holidays, which you can take to the beach, in the mountains or to the park thanks to a cooler bag and suitable containers.


Salad with nuts and seeds

How to enrich a summer lunch with proteins and minerals? Adding dried fruit and gods to the classic lettuce salad oilseeds. Depending on your tastes, choose between walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower or flax seeds. Remember to always dress the salad just before enjoying it.

Soy and fruit yogurt

If you don't need to bring an actual meal with you, but would still like to indulge in a light snack, opt for vegetable yogurt, to accompany dried fruit, fresh fruit or dried fruit, such as apricots or raisins. Here is a refreshing snack rich in vitamins and minerals.

Quinoa salad

Here is a variation on the classic rice salad. It is the quinoa-based salad, to be dressed with seasonal vegetables, capers, olives, mushrooms, seeds or dried fruit according to your tastes. Grains can also be used as an alternative to quinoa and rice. D'barley, of farro or buckwheat. One last option that is always very tasty is the cous cous.

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Seitan and melon

Here is thealternative veg with classic ham and melon. How to get a vegetable sliced ​​in a simple way? From homemade seitan, to be sliced ​​thinly, with a knife or slicer. You can store the ingredients for your dish in a suitable food container.

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Watermelon and rocket

Watermelon (or watermelon) and rocket are the perfect ingredients to prepare afresh salad sweet and sour taste. Divide the watermelon into thin slices or cut into cubes. Chop the rocket with the crescent and mix it with the watermelon. Simply season with lemon juice. Here is a very fresh dish ready.

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Wholemeal pasta salad

If you want to take a first course with you, there is nothing better than a pasta salad. To make it even healthier and more nutritious, prepare it with some whole wheat pasta. The dressing can be made with raw vegetables cut into thin slices, such as courgettes or peppers, with olives or cherry tomatoes. For an even tastier dish, add a tablespoon of turmeric to the cooking water of the pasta. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and herbs in your city.

Fruit skewers

If you will have lunch on the beach or if you plan a picnic in the park or in the mountains, you could replace the classic desserts with fruit skewers. Their preparation is quick and easy. Just cut some seasonal fruit into cubes, sprinkle it with lemon juice and use it to compose the skewers, inserting it into the classic wooden sticks.

Fruit and vegetable salad

The most original version of the classic fruit salad involves the combination of fruit with some raw vegetables. You can season your mixed fruit salad simply with del lemon or grapefruit juice. One of the fruit and vegetable mixes to use is carrots, apples, pears, celery and cucumbers. However, leave room for your imagination and your tastes.

Smoothies and centrifuged

On the beach and during picnics, you might consider replacing the packaged fruit juices and fizzy drinks of the centrifuged fruit and vegetables. You just need to have a suitable thermal container available to place them in the cooler bag and take them with you. You could centrifuge apples, carrots and green leafy vegetables, or prepare a peach and apricot smoothie.

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Skewers of tofu and vegetables

Here is a 'salty alternative to fruit skewers, which could be a perfect second course during your picnic. At home, prepare the skewers using tofu and diced vegetables that you have already cooked, or fresh cherry tomatoes. Let the skewers cool before placing them in the food container to put in the cooler.

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