You on a diet and your family is not: what to do to eat healthy

It's hard to be a mom on a diet. But you can succeed in eat sano reconciling the needs of the whole family. Here we take for example a typical family; mum, sporty (and hungry) husband, 2 children including a child who doesn't like vegetables and a teenager who can't resist sweets, but wants to be careful not to get fat. How to combine portions, scales and everyone's health? "It can be exploited, in an intelligent way, a balanced menu
and healthy
, from Mediterranean diet, that everyone agrees, helping each other with some cunning », explains the doctor Carla Lertola, historical dietician of Healthyroyale.

The basic rules for the whole family

Whether you are on a diet or not, whether you prefer one food to another, Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate Rule applies to healthy family eating, created by the prestigious University of the same name. «For each meal, a quota of cereali (better whole and ancient grains of the paeseni), healthy proteins (fish, white meat and legumes), vegetables and fruit ”explains Carla Lertola.

«Nothing is forbidden but red meat, cured meats, eggs and sweets, in a week, must be "played" only once. We concentrate the playful moments, appetizer included in the weekend, without exaggerating but also without giving up a glass of wine or two pastries, with due distinctions for each member of the family ».

For the mother who has to lose weight fruit instead of sweets

La most delicate position of the family it is that of the hostess who has to do the shopping, cook for everyone and lose those 4-5 kilos. "Let's say straight away that the pantry and the kitchen remain the same for everyone," explains the dietician.

«For you, with beneficial effects for others too, we will work on small tricks. The first is the type of cooking: fried food is good once for partying (To vegetables, so we get the child used to knowing them in the greediest version), while I recommend exploring the vasocottura, comfortable and that maintains the flavors ".

It is essential to drink enough, also for the sense of satiety. "Adult women tend to do it less, thanks to the irreplaceable mask, which does not make the gesture of reaching out over the mineral bottle automatic as in normal conditions », explains Lertola. «The minimum daily dose is 6-8 glasses».

For breakfast, semi-skimmed milk (to contain fat) or a Greek yogurt, which is nice and creamy. "The only limitation is the Sunday desserts, allowed to all the others », explains the dietician. "You have to resist using fruit as you like: it is the least caloric "sweet" there is and is also good as a snack. Instead the pizza, once every 15 days, it fits: homemade with a dough without oil and vegetables ».

The sporty dad can become a motivator

Our dad is one who loves to move. For him, no restrictions on his portions and some food support for physical activity. "When he walks he should start to involve mom and daughter, which must burn more », Lertola recommends.

«Same involvement when it does freshly squeezed fruit juices or smoothies, however, aimed at the male, to entice him to consume the citrus fruits: dad cuts and the son squeezes or blends, and then we drink together. There banana it is the fruit of sportsmen: after exertion it will guarantee the necessary potassium.

Another moment as a family motivator: the aperitif for everyone. A glass of wine for adults and a centrifuged for children with the flavors they prefer and ... green light to toasted bread with tomato and mozzarella».

How to get your children to eat fruit and vegetables

It seems an impossible mission to make certain children eat fruit and vegetables, but the trick is there and ... you can't see it. "Because you have to partly disguise it»Suggests the dietician.

"In the meantime ask yourself if he does not touch these foods only at home while at school or with friends eating them, at least every now and then. I say this because this “no this no” is often a priori and even excludes tasting: too frequently the parents wave the white flag right away, in the face of these positions taken.

We must insist, but slyly. For example, always bringing a nice meal to the table fresh pinzimonio waiting for the spaghetti: it will be easier to make him reach out. And then harness the power of the tomato: there are few children who do not like red sauce. So why not blend other vegetables in it? They will mix with the main flavor and he will eat, without realizing it, even 4 together. The zucchini? Inside the omelette. Fruit of the season? Chunks in yogurt. Alternating it with the dry one, which is tastier and is good for you. Finally, to give him more variety in the choice of vegetables, ok with those too frozen».

This is how the war of sweets is won
The girl, now a teenager and in full growth, loves sweets. A nice cat to peel? “No, if you offer them the right alternatives and you reward it once a week, ”explains the expert.

«Sorbets instead of ice cream (two balls allowed on Sundays), fruit cakes made by mom limiting eggs, flour and sugars, strategic sprinkles of cocoa here and there (even on ricotta). In the end, once a week, two pastries fit, especially if the girl has started accompanying mum and dad on some walks ». Attention: the cow's milk always at breakfast, for her and her brother.

In the gallery below the indications for the father, for the children and the weekly frequency of food consumption for all

For the sporty dad

• Go ahead for a plate of pasta or bread for lunch or dinner
• After sport, fruit can be taken in the form of a juice or centrifuge. Well a banana with its potassium
• For breakfast, a glass of milk or yogurt, followed by a free choice of baked goods
• Vegetables should be eaten at every meal (two punches), alternating cooked and raw;
• As an alternative to fruit in general (3 servings a day), ok with walnuts and almonds. 

For the child who does not eat vegetables

• Try vegetables by putting them in omelettes
• Most kids like tomato sauce. “Hide them” inside, specially blended, carrots, courgettes and peppers (4 vegetables in one dish!). Add oregano and any flavorings he likes best
• Focus on seasonal vegetables but also use frozen ones to offer them many alternatives
• Anything you can squeeze or spin will prefer it to "solid"
• Alternate the more delicious dried fruit with the fresh one
• Add chopped fruit (or blueberries) or nuts to your yogurt
• Always bring to the table a pinzimonio of fresh vegetables to leave in plain sight. Sooner or later he will taste them

For the teenage daughter

• Do you love sweets? Offer her alternatives to the classic ones. Any type of frozen fruit becomes a sugar-free sorbet
• Cow's milk or yogurt (for its growth) should not be missing for breakfast. Also applies to the brother
• Prepare an apple pie together where you will put a little flour, eggs and sugar (just to bind the fruit)
• As a snack, buns, pizzas or chips are prohibited. Better a banana sprinkled with cocoa and accompanied by two light dry biscuits
• The girls, thanks to the mask, drink little. Let's remember 6-8 glasses a day!
• A lemon peel with cinnamon and vanilla can be the light dessert on Sunday, but every now and then it's ok with two pastries or scoops of ice cream

Here is how many times (in principle) to consume food in 7 days. The meal plan for all family members should be divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

3 Meat: 2 times white and 1 red
3 Fresh or frozen fish, crustaceans and molluscs
3 Formagg
3 Legumes
1 Lean or degreasable cured meats
1 Eggs
14 Pasta, bread, grain or ground cereals, potatoes
14 Vegetables at every meal 
14 Fruit to snacks
7 Bakery products
7 Milk, yogurt, vegetable drinks

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