Mediterranean diet: 7 good reasons to always follow it

by Cinzia Testa

Often, to stay fit, we take diets that come from other countries, for example from America, as a model. Yet, our Mediterranean diet is the top, so much so that it was recognized by Unesco in 2010 "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity".

The reasons? Bread, pasta, vegetables, legumes, fresh and dried fruit, but also white meats, fish, dairy products, eggs, olive oil e wine are the elements that make up a healthy and balanced diet and one of the most sustainable food models as regards the environment.

Our diet is good for health and not a day goes by without news confirming its benefits. «The concrete evidence on how lucky we are to have such precious foods as those that are part of the Mediterranean diet we had them with the Brisighella Hearth Study », he intervenes Claudio Borghi, professor of internal medicine at the University of Bologna and responsible for the study that has been going on for over 40 years. "We have seen that it is enough to replace butter and other animal fats witholive oil, add more vegetable and include whole grains to significantly improve the cardiovascular risk curve. And the successes have been such that now we also have a site, where the people of Brisighella make their experiences available to everyone ».

And for those who still have doubts, here are six good reasons to always follow the Mediterranean diet. Find out by continuing to browse our article.

December 2016

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