Winter savory pies: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes

Le savory pies they are a must all year round. I am easy to prepare and they are good. Usually everyone likes them, including children. They can serve as an appetizer, as an aperitif, as a second course but also as a snack. You can prepare your savory pies with seasonal products typical of winter.

To prepare the bases of savory pies if you have time we advise you to follow the recipes we have collected for you, otherwise there are ready-made bases in common supermarkets even in the vegan version, just read the list of ingredients carefully.

Here are the recipes that we have selected for you to prepare vegan or vegetarian pies in winter version.


Winter savory pies: 5 vegan recipes

Savory cauliflower tart

Cauliflower is also great for quiches. Try it for the next winter quiche. It will be tasty and tasty and will amaze your guests. Here the complete recipe.

2) Vegan radicchio savory pie

A vegan radicchio savory pie, to be enriched with potatoes and artichokes in oil. To prepare it you can use a vegan round puff pastry roll or make the base at home. The ideal is to have fresh Treviso radicchio available. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan pumpkin pie

You can compose your savory pie in an original way, as if it were a real savory tart, preparing both the base and the filling based on pumpkin and tofu at home. THU the complete recipe.

Vegan mushroom and potato savory pie


For the filling of this vegan quiche you will need potatoes, fresh or dried mushrooms, which you can prepare as sautéed mushrooms with garlic and parsley. There are also instructions for preparing the vegan béchamel that you will need for the filling. THU the complete recipe.

Savory vegan savory pie with cabbage

The protagonist of the filling of this savory pie is cabbage, accompanied by potatoes. You can also add a small onion and extra virgin olive oil to the filling. The base is vegan puff pastry. THU the complete recipe of the vegan savoy cabbage pie.

Winter Savory Pies: 5 Vegetarian Recipes

Savory pie with Brussels sprouts

A rich vegetarian quiche, to be made with Brussels sprouts, mozzarella and eggs. Our recipe explains how to prepare this savory pie with Brussels sprouts step by step. THU all instructions.

Savory pie with artichokes and ginger

As a filling for this vegetarian savory pie we find artichokes, a perfect vegetable for the preparation of this type of pies. To prepare the base you will use type 1 flour. THU the complete recipe.

Savory pie with beetroot


Here is the recipe for a very special quiche that uses an ingredient that is usually in danger of being thrown away: beetroot leaves. There is also another particular ingredient, which not everyone will know: the labneh. You can enrich the preparation with boiled red beet pulp. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian savory pie with broccoli

A medium-sized broccoli, a clove of garlic, parmesan, ricotta and eggs. Here are the ingredients to prepare a vegetarian broccoli savory pie with shortcrust pastry base. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian pumpkin pie

This vegetarian pumpkin pie will allow you to recycle any leftovers from other vegetables or cheeses you have in the refrigerator. An idea: you can boil or steam the pumpkin, blend it and incorporate pieces of other sautéed vegetables to make up the filling of your savory pie. Here the complete recipe.


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