When we stop thinking about what can happen we start enjoying what happens

When we are children we live "here and now". But, as we grow up, we begin to worry about the future, heavily conditioned by the past. And little by little, almost without realizing it, these worries take control of our mind, so much so that they prevent us from living fully in the present.In fact, society encourages and rewards this type of thinking. And the people around us encourage us to develop it with phrases like "you have to think about your future" and "you have to save for tomorrow." Of course, there is nothing wrong with thinking about the future and looking ahead before taking a important decision. Indeed, it is essential to do so, but in perspective. The problem begins when fear of the future imprisons our present.

How do you know if you are living in the future?

There are some signs that you don't live in the present, that your mind is moving into the future inventing problems that don't exist. Symptoms are when: - You constantly worry about problems that have not yet happened - You exaggerate the consequences of your actions, so much so that they turn into a real drama - You feel anxiety and anguish about situations that will probably never occur and relive several times in your mind - Live in constant expectation, waiting for something negative to happen - You do not make decisions because you are waiting for a "signal from the future", a situation that generates great tension and stress - You think you can be happy only when you will achieve the goal you set for yourself - You feel unhappy but you do nothing to solve the problem, because you secretly have the hope that in the future everything will be resolved as if by magic

The future is uncertain, accept it

Le people living in the future they have a serious problem: they are unable to accept uncertainty. The inability to know for sure what might happen haunts them, so they try to figure out any hypothesis that might help them prepare for what might happen, but the only certainty is that the future is uncertain. And the sooner you accept it, the better. Every little decision we make can lead us in one direction or another. And it doesn't always depend on us.Accepting uncertainty, taking it as a surprise or a challenge, will allow us to free ourselves from the anxiety that often generates the unknown, and helps us to live fully in the here and now. that we must stop thinking about the future, because we will always have projects to carry out and we will have to think about the possible consequences of our decisions, but it is a question of learning to deal with this perspective by assuming a more relaxed attitude. It is about learning to flow and trust the course of life.

The greatest reward: The present

When we free ourselves from the shackles of the future, we receive a reward of great value: the present. We feel free to fully enjoy the here and now. Only then can we look around and see those things that fear and anxiety prevented us from noticing. Always remember that the present is all we have to change the future, therefore, it is our most precious asset. Our duty is to take advantage of every minute, because we will not have a second chance to do so. Live today in the hope that there will be a tomorrow but without forgetting that this moment will not repeat itself.
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